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Lucky’s mother has little time to live. A diminished rocker, he has been estranged from his family for a long time. If you want to say goodbye to her in person, you will have to cross Australia from end to end as quickly as possible. But an accident will end your car in the ditch. The other involved in the crash is Meg, a teenager who travels in her brother’s truck to her mother’s house. The two will reach an agreement: although they are two complete strangers and have nothing to do with each other, they will travel together through Australia. And they will carry the family piano that Lucky carried as a gift to his mother.

The eight chapters of Upright (broadcast on Sundance TV and available on demand) are a journey not only through the stunning wilderness of the Australian Outback, with its vast uninhabited and desert plains. They are also an emotional roller coaster, an experience full of ups and downs, like life itself. The series skillfully combines funny, and even surreal, moments with the drama and emotion that comes from scratching the surface of the characters. The connection between this strange couple makes these two desclasados ​​find in each other a lost soul with which to begin to heal the wounds of the past.

But if this emotional comedy works for something (which is gaining in dramatic and emotional charge as the episodes progress), it is because of the interpretations of its two protagonists. Tim MinchinAn Australian comedian, musician and actor, he plays the once widely recognized rocker and is now crawling through life. Minchin has also been in charge of the script (along with Leon Ford, Kate Mulvany and Chris Taylor) and some of the songs in the series. But the real discovery is that of Milly Alcock. The 20-year-old young actress (she plays a girl much younger than her) exudes strength and energy in very different registers in a role that quickly steals attention.

Despite the shadows carried by the two protagonists, the Upright it is a luminous journey literally and figuratively. On the one hand, because the characters, for the sake of the other, leave that darkness aside, and the friendship that arises between them ends up shining and making the viewer become fond of them. On the other hand, the light of the Australian desert floods everything and is another part of the soul of this production along with the breathtaking landscapes of the interior of the country. Without being aware of it, Lucky and Meg’s is a journey in search of redemption that ends up infecting whoever witnesses it.

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