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As the morning sun breaks through the clouds over Bankstown Airport, strongman Troy Conley paces its southern runway, stretching with the help of a thick plastic band, preparing to haul 23,737 kg of car.

Sixteen cars, from small urban fugitives to family sports utility vehicles, each linked nose to tail with a chain, the front car also slanted with metal links, but attached to an upper body harness.

Ten meters ahead, an airport lynx with a thick marine rope tied around its rear axle, providing the fixed point Troy will use to drag the 23 tons behind him. It is the same rope that is used to tie the ferries to the docks of the port.

Troy Conley Guinness world record attempt
Strongman Troy Conley tried to break a Guinness World Record for pulling cars. (9News)

“It has a nice thick handle, which I like to grip,” says Troy.

“So for me, that side of things really helps.”

He talks between alternating puffs of salt and vinegar chips and Coca-Cola slugs, designed to ward off cramps during his attempt to create a new Guinness World Record, for the most cars drawn by one man.

The current record is six years old, set by a Canadian who pushed 15 cars.

“And the minimum weight of each car has to be 900 kg,” said Brian Sobel, official Guinness World Record holder.

“All of these are way above that.”

Troy Conley Guinness world record attempt
Troy had three attempts to transport the 23,737 kg cargo down the Bankstown airport runway. (9News)

Troy is doing it the day world records are attempted across the planet.

“You need to travel a total of five meters,” Brian said.

“I’ll measure from the rear tires.”

After high-fives with the contingent of drivers who helped guide this mechanical centipede, Troy fastens his harness, takes several breaths of scented salts, and prepares to pull.

His wife Emmi is driving the main car. Emmi is a little worried.

“There are a few different ways to remove the brakes so hopefully everyone gets it right and then we’re off,” he said.

His words are prophetic. The first attempt ends after 30 seconds. There’s a call to check the brakes. Rumor has it that someone may have had one foot on the anchor.

Troy Conley Guinness world record attempt
While Troy was not successful today, he was satisfied with the fact that it was for a good cause. (9News)

Second gear and the wheels roll. The huge previous work to eliminate chain slack between 16 cars is completed, the front tires under Emmi’s control on the lead vehicle move forward slowly.

There is an argument with the judge. He can take two more hits; Troy says he only needs one.

“I know in strongman competitions, of course, sometimes you don’t get the weight on the first try, but it’s on you somewhere, and we’re going to give it the chance it deserves,” Brian said.

The small crowd knows it’s the final shot and the voices are much louder with encouragement. Oh no!

Troy’s support team meets in concession. Kathy Garland and her seven-year-old daughter Ava hug him.

Troy Conley Guinness world record attempt
Troy successfully flew the Little Wings plane in support of the charity’s helping families like Kathy and Ava. (9News)

Kathy and Ava come from a small town five hours west of the airport and are forced to stay in Sydney to fight Ava’s leukemia.

Mother and daughter have been grateful recipients of one of the charities that Troy supports.

Little Wings allowed them to fight cancer and return home.

“The strength I had to use is nothing compared to what kids like Ava use every day,” Troy swallows, caught between excitement and exhaustion.

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Fortunately, he has enough in the tank to help park Little Wings’ plane, but today he proved that not everyone can reach the golden ring, try hard, on Guinness World Record Day.

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