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The former colleague suspected of murdering a Melbourne woman in her family’s home after allegedly stalking her has been identified as Luay Nader Sako.

Roxborough Park man, 35, suspected of killing Celeste Manno, 23 inside the house he shared with his mother in Mernda around 4.10 am on Monday.

Manno’s brother Alessandro claimed that the “obsessed” former colleague had been sending “disgusting messages” to the 23-year-old prior to her death.

The former colleague suspected of murdering a Melbourne woman in her family’s home after allegedly stalking her has been identified as Luay Nader Sako. (Nine)

She claimed that she was being harassed by the man, with whom she worked at a South Morang call center.

The 19-year-old said she had provided support for the former colleague before he allegedly became inappropriate.

“Since that day he has been obsessed with her and harassing her on social networks for months and months with vulgar and disgusting messages,” Alessandro said yesterday.

Ms Manno’s grieving family claimed that the young call center worker had failed with a system that should have protected her against her alleged killer.

Mr. Sako has been arrested in connection with the death of Ms. Manno and remains in the hospital under police surveillance.

Celeste Manno was found dead in a Melbourne home.
Celeste Manno was found dead in a Melbourne home. (9News)

Today you will have surgery on your hands. No charges have been filed and he has not yet been questioned by the police.

Tony, the father of the “selfless” volunteer, has demanded more protections for women like his daughter.

“The system disappointed her. They disappointed my daughter. It needs to be changed,” Manno said.

“Too many of these scenarios have happened. What is it going to take for the government to listen?”

Her older brother Jayden said the family was not dealing with the “terrible loss” of Ms Manno, who was preparing to celebrate her 24th birthday.

“Such an unfathomable senseless act of evil that should never have happened to our family, to anyone’s family,” Jayden said.

Celeste was a cheerleader enthusiast who also had a degree in criminology and psychology. (Nine)

“Evil. This can’t happen, it should never happen.”

Alessandro said that his sister was his best friend and that they had been joined at the hips since they were children.

“No one else in this world knows me like her … I never had a bond like that and I will never have it again,” he said.

“I’ve never been more than two days without her … I feel like she’ll be coming home from work any minute.”

Jayden condemned the attack that occurred in the place where her sister should have felt safer.

Floral and written tributes have been placed in the Mernda house throughout the day. (Nine)

“Everyone should have the right to live their life in their homes, in their bedrooms on the street no one should be afraid,” he said.

“Man woman or child, this evil should not exist.

“Things must change. This evil cannot be allowed to continue.”

CCTV shows a dark-colored Peugeot driving off the street after Ms Manno is believed to have been murdered.

The same car crashed into the parking lot of the Mernda police station a short time later.

Celeste has been remembered as a “brilliant” and “amazing” person by her family and friends. (Nine)
There has been great distress in the community. (Nine)

The bloodstains were visible on a fence next to the house where friends and family gathered yesterday to mourn the music lover and cheerleader fanatic who was just weeks away from celebrating her birthday.

Floral tributes flowed throughout the day for the young woman, including one woman who said the 23-year-old should have felt safe at home.

“She should have been more secure in her room … this is her safe space,” said local woman Monika Pavic.

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