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Authorities in southern Colorado said Wednesday they are searching for a suspect in connection with the discovery of the remains of three people near a rural village.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement agencies identified the suspect as Adre Jordan Baroz, a convicted felon.

They said an arrest warrant for murder has been issued and they nickname him “Psychosis.”

Police are looking for Adre Jordan Baroz, 26, in connection with the human remains found in Colorado. (CNN)

Searches last week uncovered the skeletal remains of three people at two properties near Las Sauces, a small community outside the small town of Alamosa, more than 200 miles south of Denver, the county sheriff said. Rabbits, Garth Crowther.

None of the remains have been identified.

Authorities declined to comment on how Baroz, 26, may be related to the discovery of the remains.

They said he is commonly known as a “psychopath” in the area, but did not elaborate.

Alamosa Police Chief Ken Anderson told reporters that authorities consider Baroz armed and dangerous and that any sighting should be reported to police.

Police released images from one of the crime scenes in Conejos County. (CNN)

Authorities from at least four sheriff’s offices, San Luis Valley agricultural region police departments in Colorado, and state investigators have formed a task force to investigate.

“The San Luis Valley is very small. It is a very close-knit community,” Anderson said.

“Most of us have grown up here … We are just trying to keep the community safe right now.”

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It was not known if any of the remains are related to any missing persons cases in the region, which borders New Mexico, said George Dingfelder, chief of police for the small community of Monte Vista.

Dingfelder said authorities obtained a search warrant for a property near Las Sauces, found human remains there and then found more on a nearby property.

Identification could take weeks, if not months, and it is not known if the remains are male, female, how old they may be or how long they were at the properties, Dingfelder said.

Authorities are still searching the second property “to make sure all the remains and all the evidence are found,” Crowther said.

Baroz is from the small town of Sanford, near Las Sauces, Anderson said.

He has a criminal record in Colorado that includes assault on a law enforcement officer, attempted escape and robbery, according to state court records.

Baroz also has open criminal cases against him that include various drug charges, possession of a weapon by a criminal and assault.

“Our priority is to get him into custody and identify the remains,” said John Camper, deputy director of the Colorado Office of Investigations.

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