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After facing one of the toughest years on record, Australian retailers are gearing up for what could be the biggest Black Friday sale ever.

Originally a strictly American tradition, Black Friday is a shopping event that took advantage of Americans’ holidays due to Thanksgiving and a desire to save big on early Christmas shopping.

This year, Black Friday is November 27, with deals in physical stores and online through November 30, affectionately dubbed “Cyber ​​Monday.”

Here’s what you need to know about the first of many great nationwide retailers.

It’s expected to be a great retail season, at least online. (Getty)

Black Friday originated in the US and is traditionally the first Friday following Thanksgiving. Since then, it has spread around the world as a unique shopping opportunity and marks the beginning of holiday shopping.

Black Friday has been operating in the US since 1952 and has become infamous for images of people breaking down Wal-Mart’s doors to access rock-bottom-priced televisions.

These days, due to COVID-19, much of the shopping hysteria is likely to move online.

A worker inside a department store is seen cleaning a cosmetic display rack in Melbourne. (AP)

In Australia, Black Friday starts on November 27.

Many retailers will be offering discounted products throughout the weekend, including Monday, November 30.

Traditionally, Monday is known as “Cyber ​​Monday” for online sales, but this year most retailers are expected to offer discounts for the full four days.

Due to COVID-19, many shoppers are likely to search online for a bargain.

Many predict that it will be the biggest Black Friday ever experienced in Australia.

A retail worker in a mask is seen serving a customer behind a perspex shield as she processes a sale at a large department store in Melbourne. (AP)


Throw a rock in a mall and you hit a retailer that is, it’s so widespread and necessary among stores that have struggled this year (don’t really do this).

Dan Murphy’s and BWS are offering deals on all alcohol and Aldi is introducing a unique catalog of Black Friday deals.

The ShopBack cash back platform offers bonuses for online spenders at Myer, eBay, and The Iconic.

Online retailer Kogan is slashing prices on clothing, home goods and fitness, while has already released a 50% discount on its Black Friday sales.

Even fabric and home goods retailer Spotlight is getting in on the action and offering deep discounts on kitchen sets, sheets, and deep fryers.

Designer Alice McCall in her Paddington boutique, photographed in 2014.

Victims of the Australian Retail Crisis


There are no hidden pitfalls or “caught” moments in sales – they’re simply boosters to an early holiday shopping season.

December and January typically mark the peak of a retailer’s financial year, as shoppers buy big for Christmas and then get paid for St. Stephen’s Day sales.

By starting the FOMO purchase, or fear of missing out, in late November, Black Friday essentially allows retailers to stretch their most profitable seas.

This year is widely regarded as one of the worst on record for Australian retailers. (Getty)


While legitimate retailers, whether online or in store, offer incredible deals, nasty people may try to take advantage of the fact that thousands of Australians will shop online.

A number of cybersecurity experts advise Australians to double and triple check the legitimacy of the websites they are shopping from and never provide credit card information via email.

“Criminals know that consumers will search for deals and receive more packages than at any other time of the year,” warns Jacqueline Jayne, APAC Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4.

“These criminals use this to trick people into making purchases from suspicious websites and falling for phishing emails that target lost deliveries and canceled orders.”

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