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South Australia Health authorities have confirmed that no breach of the hotel’s quarantine has been leaked. coronavirus to the community, as it announced that the new positive cases would be transferred to a special facility controlled by the police.

The “forensic examination” of hundreds of hours of CCTV footage did not uncover any improper movements at the hotel by guards, workers or guests, Prime Minister Steven Marshall said.

However, it was confirmed that a security guard and not a cleaner was the first infected person at the Peppers medi-hotel.

Quarantined hotel missions on the balcony of the Peppers on Waymouth hotel in Adelaide, Australia.
Quarantined hotel missions on the balcony of the Peppers on Waymouth hotel in Adelaide, Australia. (Getty)

Marshall outlined a series of sweeping changes aimed at strengthening South Australia’s medi-hotel quarantine system, including the urgency for the federal government to test all Australian travelers flying home for coronavirus before boarding planes. .

Australians shouldn’t be able to board those flights unless they test negative, Marshall said.

“What we need to do is put so many shields here between the virus and South Australia,” the prime minister added.

Mr. Marshall stated that SA Health will now transfer all positive COVID cases from medi-hotels to a dedicated health center, with Old Wakefield Hospital as an option under consideration.

Security at the dedicated facility will be provided exclusively by South Australian Police and South Australian Protective Security Officers.

With no new cases reported overnight, South Australia’s director of public health Nicola Spurrier said the Parafield group now numbers 29.

Two people added to the group were initially thought to have contracted the virus overseas, but it turned out that they actually had the group’s strain.

There are now 38 active cases in the state and 4,300 people in quarantine, he said.

Professor Spurrier said the thorough investigation into the Peppers hotel involved watching many hours of CCTV and digging deep into staff rosters.

“I can absolutely confirm that no one was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said, explaining how the CCTV review was carried out.

“They’re looking to see if people had touched his mask … when did they touch his mask? When did they touch another surface? So, you can imagine, it’s very, very detailed information that they need to see.

“There were also absolutely no incidents of personnel entering the travelers’ rooms. And there was certainly no inappropriate behavior.”

When journalists asked how many security guards had been fired for their behavior at the Peppers Hotel, Professor Spurrier was not sure.

“I am aware that some disciplinary actions have been taken against some members of the security staff for breach of PPE protocols and other activities, but I do not have specific numbers,” he said.

The worker, who was called a liar by Mr. Marshall last week, has complained about his public reprimand.

Marshall rejected his own stern words about the pizza worker having crossed a line.

“We know that we received false and misleading information from this person,” the prime minister said.

South Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens acknowledged that a police-run quarantine facility would put additional pressure on his force.

He was trying to prioritize resources, he said, but keeping an eye on the facilities and the airport would be challenging.

“One of the things that we are seeing is how we maintain our posture at the airport: receive passengers when we know that flights are going to increase. There will be a tipping point when we have to modify our processes there,” Stevens said. said.

The changes described by the South African government to strengthen its medi-hotel quarantine system:

– Transfer all positive COVID cases from the medi-hotels to a dedicated health center. One option being considered is Old Wakefield Hospital.

– Security at the dedicated hospital will be provided exclusively by South Australian Police and South Australian Protective Security Officers.

– Staff working in specialized facilities will not be sent to other medi-hotels or high-risk settings, including care centers for the elderly, prisons or hospitals.

– All personnel working in the dedicated facility have access to the Hotel for Heroes facility, so they have the option of resting outside of their home.

– We will discuss all these risk mitigation strategies with AHPPC before implementing them, and we will continue to seek advice from AHPPC on secondary employment for medi-hotel staff and other issues.

– We will ask the National Cabinet to consider testing all Australian citizens who return before their flight in order to have negative results before boarding.

– The medi-hotel in question will be thoroughly cleaned.

– Once the new actions are in place, we will be able to gradually resume our international arrivals for returning Australians.

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