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Temperatures are expected to skyrocket from northwestern Australia to the southeast.

Western Sydney will suffocate with temperatures reaching 40 degrees, and Sunday is likely to be the hottest November day in five years.

The national weather forecast for Thursday, November 26, 2020. (Nine news)

In the extreme north of South Australia, the city of Tarcoola could reach almost 49 degrees.

“The sun has been warming the air over much of the Australian outback for the past few days,” Dean Narramore of the Bureau of Meteorology told Today.

“The heat started in Western Australia a few days ago, a couple of hours east of Perth we saw temperatures of around 40 degrees a few days ago.

“(It is) moving to South Australia today, it will get even warmer on Thursday and as the canal system moves across the country it will carry the heat through central Australia and into the eastern and southeastern parts. of the country in the next few days. “

Fortunately though, relief in the form of rain is on the way, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Heat wave conditions are sweeping the country, with some areas hitting the mid-40s today and into the weekend. (Bureau of Meteorology)

“We will see the monsoon trough come in and that’s later towards December,” Narramore said.

“Even if you have a cooler summer, you will have intermittent bursts of heat during the spring and summer season.

“We should see increased rainfall in the tropical north towards the end of the year and widespread rains and storms across the country as we move into the early parts of next year.

“For those looking for rain, it’s on the radar, but in the next few days, a big heat wave.”

National forecast for Thursday, November 26, 2020

The valleys are causing some showers and thunderstorms in the northern tropics, while also carrying heat south to southern Australia, western New South Wales and Queensland.

A couple of high-pressure systems keep much of central and southern Australia dry and settled.

Brisbane expects a warm and partly cloudy day with a high temperature of 30 degrees.

Mostly sunny, temperate to warm in the southeast. Mostly cloudy, very warm in the northeast.

Western Sydney today will see temperatures hit 35 degrees ahead of potentially record-breaking conditions at the weekend.

It will be a mostly sunny, cool to mild day in the Northeast.

A late, warm shower / storm in the southeast. Mostly sunny, hot in the southwest. Sunny, hot in the northwest.

Canberra will see a late shower and a high of 30 degrees.

A slight 20 degrees is on the way to Melbourne today.

Mostly sunny, cool to temperate in the south. Mostly sunny, hot in the northwest. Fog then sunny, very warm in the northeast.

Clear, cool downpour in the southwest. Windy in the highlands. Mostly sunny, temperate in the southeast. Sunny, cool to temperate in the northwest. Mostly sunny, cool in the northeast.

A 33 degree heat is on its way to Adelaide, while Port Augusta is likely to hit 39 degrees.

Mostly sunny, cool to temperate in the southeast and center. Sunny, very hot in the west. Mostly sunny, hot in the north.

It will be a very warm day in the west, with Meekatharra at 40 degrees.

Mostly sunny, temperate to warm in the southwest and south. Sunny, very hot in the northwest. Heat in the northeast and interior with inland rain / storms.

A very hot day in the Top End with some areas reaching 43 degrees.

There will be rains and storms; sunny, hot in Arnhem.

Mostly sunny, hot indoors. Mostly cloudy, very warm to hot in the south.

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