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A Cafeteria in East Melbourne she was forced to close her doors yesterday morning after facing vile customer abuse that brought staff members to tears.

Bob’s Your Uncle Cafe in Doncaster East left a note on their window informing customers that they would be closing for the rest of the day to support the mental health of their workers.

“Due to excessive customer abuse today, we have made the decision to close to support the mental health of our team and owner,” the sign read.

Cafe owner Lisa Bilston said Neil Mitchell of 3AW This morning, the customer became aggressive after staff explained that the blue butterfly pea rice that is usually served with a plate was not available due to a shortage of COVID-19.

“We tried to explain … he didn’t want to listen, he got aggressive,” she said.

“We thought he was actually going to hit us.”

Ms Bilston said the abuse had become a regular occurrence, with people attacking staff for “minor things,” like not offering white rice, as well as their COVID Safe policies.

Bob’s Your Uncle Cafe on the first day of reopening for dinner in Melbourne. (Facebook)

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, the cafe said the constant abuse had affected its workers.

“We have encountered this type of abuse every day since we reopened for minor things, such as our rice being white and not the color of a pea, due to not being able to get the ingredient and other examples, such as abuse with regarding our policy to protect you and our team through this pandemic, “the cafe posted on Facebook.

“Today’s situation broke us and today we need to reflect and rebuild.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and look forward to your continued support.”

Staff members wept over the incident. (Nine)

A crying staff member posted a video message on Instagram urging people to be nice to the hospitality workers.

“We just got attacked by a customer because we only had white rice in the bourish bowl instead of blue,” he said.

“They yelled and were very verbally aggressive.

“Unfortunately we now have three staff members crying and we will not open for the rest of the day.

“This is just a reminder to remember that we are people and to be nice.”

A steady stream of messages of support has flooded the cafe’s social media platforms, with many criticizing the behavior as “disgusting.”

“What happens to people? Be respectful, be nice,” wrote one person.

“This is disgusting behavior, unacceptable in these current times,” said another.

9News has reached out to the cafe for comment.

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