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Extreme heat wave conditions they will continue in most of the southeast and east of the country during the last days of the month, which is shaping up to be the hottest November on record in Australia.

After a night of sweltering temperatures, a trough will remain intensely hot in New South Wales, before a gusty shift south down the coast in the afternoon.

A general view as people gather on Bondi Beach on November 28, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast heat wave conditions in New South Wales this weekend, with temperatures expected to top 40 degrees across the state. (Getty)

Elsewhere, canals over Western Australia, the Northern Territory and northern Queensland will generate rain and storms.

While a cold front cutting Tasmania will bring gusty rains.

Here’s your state-by-state forecast for Sunday, November 29, 2020:

A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the west, increasing to a medium to high probability in the far north and a high to very high probability in the tropical north coast. Mostly sunny elsewhere.

Hot to very hot conditions in the southwestern and southern districts. A top of 37C in Warwick and 32C in Brisbane.

Winds mostly moderate from north to northeast, with a cool to strong trend and gusting from northeast to northwest in the southwest.

Fire Hazard: Very high in the Southeast Coast Districts, Wide Bay and Burnett, Darling Downs and Granite Belt, Maranoa and Warrego, Channel Country, and Central Highlands and Coalfields.

New South Wales and THE ACT

Hot to very hot. The possibility of a shower or thunderstorm in the east, although mostly dry.

Generally sunny, except for some areas of high clouds. Possible dust raised in the west.

Heatwave NSW – November 28, 2020. (Weather zone)

Temperatures well above average, especially in the north and central east. Highs of 43 ° C in Newcastle, 40 ° C in Sydney and 29 ° C in Canberra.

Winds from the northwest to the northeast, cool to strong in most areas. A gentler, more gusty southern shift that runs south and west.

The fire hazard remains severe across the state today with a warning in place for hurricane force winds off the Sydney coast, the Illawarra coast, the Batemans coast and the Eden coast.

Rains over southern areas and mountains, contracting to the east early and then clearing in the morning. There may be isolated thunderstorms early in the morning, contracting eastward before sunrise and then subsiding.

Mild and cloudy in the south, warm and mostly sunny in the north. Maximum temperatures 30 ° C in Merimbula and 19 ° C in Melbourne.

Moderate winds from south to southwest, strong on the coast but moderate in the western and central parts during the day.

Fire hazard: high in the north.

Showers, decreasing and contracting to the west and northeast in late morning, then west in the afternoon.

Winds from the west to the southwest, turning locally cool in the south during the afternoon.

Maximum temperatures of 24 ° C in Launceston and 20 ° C in Hobart.

A small chance of early morning rain over the southern agricultural area, most likely over the southeastern districts.

A possible early morning storm over the Riverland and Murraylands districts, and the Pastoral and Flinders districts south from approximately Coober Pedy to Broken Hill. Possible thunderstorms also in the extreme northeast of the state in the late afternoon.

Cool in the south, hot in the north with moderate to cool winds from the southwest to the southeast, and hot to very hot in the extreme northeast, where winds will be northeast to northwest during the day.

Highs of 43 ° C in Moomba, 36 ° C in Maree and 24 ° C cooler in Adelaide.

synoptic map

Showers and thunderstorms over Kimberley, eastern Pilbara, extreme northeast Gascoyne, Interior, and northern Goldfields.

Showers that form around the southwest of Capes during the afternoon and extend southwest of Perth to Hyden and Hopetoun at midnight.

Maximum temperatures of 29 ° C in Perth and 37 ° C in Porth Hedland.

Mostly sunny in southern Lasseter, southern Simpson, eastern Carpentaria and eastern Arnhem districts. A small chance of showers and thunderstorms elsewhere, increasing to medium to high probability in West Top End, North Gregory, and Central District.

Very hot south of Top End with a high forecast of 43 ° C for Alice Springs and 45 ° C for Curtain Springs.

Thunderstorms in Daly and North Gregory districts can be gusty. Slight to moderate winds from northwest to northeast, moderate to cool from south to southeast in Lasseter and southwest Simpson districts.

Fire Hazard: High in Carpentaria, Gregory and Lasseter Districts.

– Reported with Weatherzone and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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