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There are currently 70 fires in NSW, but none are listed above advisory level, meaning that there are currently no lives or property threatened.

However, six remain “uncontained”.

NSW RFS Helicopter tends to fire amid extreme heat wave conditions. (NSWRFS)

RFS Commissioner Rob Rogers said newly germinated grasslands are a big concern as we approach summer.

“Fire crews will work hard to control (wildfires) before conditions worsen in New South Wales,” Commissioner Rogers told Today.

“We will see an increase in temperatures across the state, but most of the concern will be west of the ranges.

“Most of the risk will be rural and regional tomorrow, but as you mentioned, it is an ominous sign of what is to come, particularly the grassland areas.”

He warned that grasslands had “the potential to cause destruction this summer.”

In Northmead, west of Sydney, a house was damaged after dangerous winds fanned fires when temperatures reached 41 ° C.

Homes in Northmead in western Sydney were threatened by fire with extreme heat and dangerous winds yesterday. (9News)

The fire burned near homes on Whitehaven Road, requiring more than 100 firefighters to take control of the front.

RFS crews have contained fires in Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and Kenthurst in north-west Sydney.

In Queensland, fire crews are preparing for more severe heat wave conditions after days of hot weather.

Temperatures in Ipswich are expected to remain above 30 ° C through Sunday.

Eight November records could be broken today, including at Cunnamulla and Dalby on the Darling Downs.

Goondiwindi is expected to have its hottest day today and to break the record for the three hottest consecutive days between now and Wednesday.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Greg Leach said the biggest cause for concern today is the Fraser Island fire, which has been burning for six weeks.

That fire is burning approximately three miles north of Kingfisher Bay Resort and a second front located nearby Cathedrals in Fraser on the east coast.

“We are really concerned for the entire state, with the severe heat wave conditions yesterday and those conditions continuing today,” Commissioner Leach told Today.

“That has burned 40 percent of the island and the fire is 2.3 kilometers north of the Kingfisher Bay resort.”

Fraser Island fires. November 29, 2020. (QFES)

“The Kingfisher Bay resort operators have made the decision to send visitors home for their safety.”

He said the fire is expected to “run” today, pushing further east of the complex.

“There will be a lot of heat and smoke in the complex and we have fire suppression teams in the complex to protect it in case the fire hits it today.”

Travel to the island remains restricted.

Fire burning on Fraser Island, Queensland. November 29, 2020. (9News)

QFES has listed a forest fire in Nundubbermere, southwest of Stanthorpe, at the advisory level, meaning residents in the area are being urged to stay up-to-date and decide what actions to take if the situation changes.

Currently, no properties are threatened, but large amounts of smoke in the area are reducing visibility and air quality.

Residents living in Beerwah are advised to keep their windows and doors closed after a wildfire near Wood Road.

Emergency services said the fire does not currently pose a threat to the property and that fire crews had been working overnight to contain the blaze.

Smoke still covers the area.

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