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Police are cracking down on the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, banning some members from bars and clubs in Western Australia for 12 months.

Closed circuit television from inside the venue shows Hells Angels Sergeant-at-Arms Dayne Brajkovich and former rebel president Mr. Martin in a violent confrontation.

One man was charged and another taken to hospital after two cyclists got into a fight in a Scarborough bar. (9News)

The interaction starts out as what appears to be a friendly handshake, but quickly turns sour.

The pair knock down furniture and spectators fight as Brajkovich throws one blow after another.

Martin eventually returns to his feet, but was taken to the Royal Perth Hospital by ambulance.

Mr. Brajkovich, a former muay thai boxer, was charged by the National Anti-Gang Squad with “fighting in public causing fear.”

Initially, the men seemed to have a civilized encounter, but it quickly turned ugly. (9News)

The fight broke out last Tuesday around 7:30 pm during the busy dinner service, as families fill the popular Scarborough strip.

WA Police now they promise to put more officers on patrol for public protection.

9News may disclose that various members of Hells Angels have received opt-out notices, prohibiting them from entering authorized locations.

Neither of them will tell the police what the fight was about and Mr. Martin refuses to file a victim complaint.

Sources say the true story behind that vision tells of the once-prominent decline of Perth. bikie gang.
The defendant will face court next month. (9News)

The WA Police Gang Crimes Squad dismantled the Rebels last October, indicting a total of 43 members.

The biggest hair was then President Martin, accused of tax evasion and money laundering. Deny the accusations.

It is not known what is Martin’s current status within the club, but 9News understands that he has been stripped of the presidency and the numbers are decreasing.

The Rebels’ second in charge, Jason Gastorov, left the club two months ago, joining the Mongols alongside former Coffin cheater Troy Mercanti.

It is understood that more than half of the remaining members of the rebels followed Gastorov.

Police are looking at several possible scenarios that could develop as a result of Tuesday’s fight, but they say a motorcycle gang war is not one of them.

“This type of behavior puts the community at risk and is unacceptable,” said a spokesman for the Gang Crime Squad.

“(We will continue) to target the illegal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

“The safety of the community in general is a top priority.”

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