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A senior Chinese official has ignited tensions with Australia by posting a “disgusting” and violent doctored image on social media of an Australian soldier.

ChinaForeign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian today tweeted the false image of an Australian soldier appearing to cut the throat of a child while kneeling on an Australian flag.

Below the image, which shows the child’s face covered and holding a lamb, are the words: “Do not fear, we come to bring you peace.”

“Shocked by the killing of Afghan civilians and prisoners by Australian soldiers. We strongly condemn such acts and call for them to be held accountable,” Zhao said in the tweet.

China Tweets Australian Army
A fuzzy version of the controversial tweet shared by a senior Chinese official. (Twitter)

The report alleges that Australian special forces soldiers committed 39 murders in Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Scott morrison says Australia demands an apology and immediate removal of the image.

Morrison labeled the image “false and a terrible insult.”

“There are undoubtedly tensions between China and Australia. But that is not how it is handled,” he said.

“It is deeply offensive to all Australians who have served in uniform.

“It is outrageous and cannot be justified in any way.”

Morrison said the government had also contacted Twitter to request the removal of the image.

He said the social media giant should “in the interest of decency” remove the image.

Morrison called on China to engage in a respectful dialogue, rather than “engaging in this kind of deplorable behavior.”

Australian exporters face the loss of $ 6 billion in trade with China. (Getty)

This is not the first time that Mr. Zhao has opposed Australia.

Last week, he unveiled a list of accusations against Australia, including charging the Morrison government with a “flagrant violation … of international relations”, speaking about what he considered risks to “democratic processes” in Hong Kong and human rights. allegations of abuse in Xinjiang.

At the top of the list are decisions to ban Huawei from deploying the 5G network, foreign interference laws, and a call for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

An official told 9News “Why should China care about Australia?”

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced that tariffs will range from 107.1 percent to 212.1 percent, effectively doubling or tripling the cost of Australian wine.

“There is a causal relationship between the (wine) spill and property damage,” the ministry said in a statement.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said the tariffs made Australian wine unviable and unmarketable in China.

Penfolds Grange by Dan Murphy
Treasury Wine Estates has suspended trading on the news. (From Dan Murphy)

The tariffs come after an investigation launched by the Commerce Ministry in August.

Follow the huge Chinese tariffs on Australian beef and barley.

There have also been unofficial bans on coal, sugar, lobsters, copper and logs entering China from Australia since the beginning of the month, reports the South China Morning Post.

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