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Abbey Forrest, 19, Inda Sohal, and her three-week-old daughter, Ivy, were found dead inside their Point Cook home after a fierce fire raged through the Totem Way property around 3.40 a.m. yesterday.

Neighbors who heard the mother’s desperate cries and “frantic gasps for breath” used an ax to try to save them, but could not reach the family in time.

A family of three have been remembered as “beautiful souls”. (Nine supplied)

Ms. Forrest’s sister, Emily, paid tribute to the young family in an online appeal to raise money to cover the costs of their funerals.

“In the early hours of Wednesday, December 2, a house fire in Point Cook claimed the lives of my 19-year-old sister, her loving partner, and their nearly three-week-old daughter,” he wrote.

“I am raising money to help with the cost of funerals and memorials for these three beautiful souls who had their lives tragically cut short.

“Any help is really appreciated.”

Almost $ 3000 has been raised since the fundraiser launched 13 hours ago.

More than 40 firefighters fought the blaze for an hour at the scene.

Distraught neighbors fleeing the house next door yesterday told 9News that they did their best to try to reach the trio.

“We saw a lady and she was desperate like she was gasping for air,” said neighbor Jemil.

“I don’t think I had the energy to scream, I was just trying to breathe.

“We tried everything. We broke the garage door, we opened the garage door that led to the house.

“He was engulfed in flames. We broke his window to try to get it out, but after that all was quiet.”

Jemil fled his own home with his five-month-old son and his partner.

Neighbors talked about how they tried to save the woman from the fire. (Nine)

“Our front yard was on fire, so we had to go through the back, the garage, it was terribly horrible.”

Detective Sergeant Mark Kennedy said the house fire was being treated as suspicious, and that detectives from the Fire and Explosives Squad were investigating.

“He is certainly being treated as a suspect, prominently due to the intensity of the fire.”

Detectives from the fire brigade are investigating the fire. (Nine)
Aerial view of the house destroyed by fire. (Nine)

Detective Major Sargent Kennedy yesterday described the neighbors’ rescue efforts as “very heroic and courageous.”

“One of the neighbors says that he used a ladder to try to climb, but they could not because of the intensity of the flames,” he said.

“Unfortunately, they did everything possible, but the fire caught and nothing could be done.”

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