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The woman worked four shifts at the Ibis Hotel and the Novotel in Darling Harbor while potentially infectious.

It also traveled on more than a dozen public transportation routes between Minto and the city, prompting an urgent alert from NSW Health for anyone who may have been exposed to the virus to immediately self-isolate.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the state would go ahead with easing restrictions despite the new COVID-19 case. (Brook Mitchell)

Today it was revealed that he was wearing a mask while riding public transport, raising hopes that local broadcast is not high.

The new case broke the state’s 25-day streak of no new locally acquired COVID-19 cases.

Contact trackers are now on an urgent mission to stop the potential threat of a leak as health authorities await the results of genome tests to determine where the woman contracted the virus.

The new case has also sparked concern about the state’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions, announced just one day before the new case is identified.

Berejiklian Yestreday assured the people of New South Wales that “there is no reason” to stop the easing of restrictions that will take place next week.

The new case is a hotel quarantine worker who worked at the Novotel and Ibis hotels in Darling Harbor. (Edwina Pickles)

“At this stage there is absolutely no reason to change what we announced yesterday, but it is a stark reminder of what can happen in a pandemic.”

The prime minister also warned that it was an “evolving situation” and that changes are possible if more cases are identified.

“I don’t want us to go back at this stage … but if the situation changes in the next few days I will not hesitate to act,” he said.

Coalition for Outbreak Preparedness Chair Jane Halton said she is confident contact trackers will be able to prevent a new outbreak of the virus.

NSW CHO’s Dr. Kerry Chant urged people to check if they may have been exposed to the virus on public transportation. (9News)

“I don’t think we should panic about it, but clearly this is a very infectious disease and only once in a while will it break out of quarantine,” he said. Today.

“We know that people who are indoors for longer periods of time are at risk. If you’ve been wearing a mask, we know that masks really do reduce that risk.

“But the advice of the health authorities is very clear. Know if you were in the same place as this lady and they are asking people, if they have been in those places, to isolate themselves and that is the best you can do well” . now if you are in that situation and notify the health authorities “.

Complete list of train services on alert for COVID-19

NSW Health is asking people who traveled on the services below in the following periods to get tested immediately and self-isolate:

  • Convention on Friday, November 27 at Central at 4:01 p.m. – 4:11 p.m.
  • Convention on Saturday November 28 at Central at 3:14 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Convention on Sunday, November 29 at Capitol Square from 3.58 pm to 4.09 pm
  • Sunday, November 29 from Capitol Square to downtown from 4.55 pm to 5.03 pm
  • Monday, November 30, central time to the Convention, from 6.39 am to 6.54 am
  • Monday, November 30 Convention at Central 15: 30-15: 16
  • Friday, November 27 Minto to Lidcombe 4.55am – 5.52am
  • Friday, November 27, Lidcombe Central Time, 4:22 PM to 4:49 PM
  • Saturday November 28 from downtown to Lidcombe from 3:31 PM to 4:32 PM
  • Sunday, November 29 from downtown to Lidcombe, 5:45 PM to 5:44 PM
  • Monday, November 30 Lidcombe to Central 6.14am – 6.37am
  • Monday, November 30, Central Time to Minto, from 3.28 pm to 4.20 pm

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