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A cold front will bring gusts of wind and cool downpours to Tasmania, southern Victoria and South Australia, falling as snow in Tasmania later.

A canal will generate storms in the interior of Queensland, parts of the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia, as well as driving hot air over northern Queensland.

It will be clearer in the southwest under a high.

Here’s the state-by-state forecast for Sunday, November 6, 2020:

Light to medium probability of showers and thunderstorms in the west of the Peninsula, northwest, southwest and south of the interior. Possible dust kicked up in the extreme southwest, mostly sunny elsewhere.

Hot to very hot conditions with highs of 37 ° C for Rockhampton and highs of 33 ° C in Brisbane.

Moderate to cool winds from the northeast to the northwest in the central districts and the southeast, with cooler conditions and cool winds from the south in the southwest.

Fire Hazard: Severe in Darling Downs and Maranoa, very high in most of the remaining eastern districts.


One or two showers in the northeast, with a chance of thunderstorms. Dry in another place, with a mixture of sun and clouds.

Daytime temperatures above average in the Northeast and below average elsewhere. Maximum temperatures of 39 ° C are forecast in Grafton, slightly cooler 34 ° C in Newcastle and 32 ° C in Sydney.

Winds north to northwest in the northeast, west to southwest elsewhere, strong and gusty in the ranges.

There is a severe weather warning for damaging winds of up to 120 km / h in the Cordillera del Sur.

Fire Hazard – Very High: Far North Coast, Great Hunter, Greater Sydney, Illawarra / Shoalhaven

Isolated showers over southern and mountain districts, more frequent in the southwest. Mostly dry over East Gippsland and north of Divide. Chance of snow on the alpine peaks, mainly at night.

A cool and mostly cloudy day, with highs of 5 ° C at Falls Creek and 7 ° C at Mt Baw Baw. Maximum temperatures in Melbourne are predicted to reach 20 ° C.

synoptic map

Fresh and gusty winds from the west, strong over the coast and the alpine peaks.

Fire Hazard: Very high in the Northwest, moderate to high elsewhere.

Rains, more frequent in the west, extreme south, central areas and northeast with little in the center east and the east coast.

Snow falls above 1000 meters in the afternoon and evening with an upper forecast of 3 ° C for Mt Read. Single-digit nightly lows across much of the western state. Highs of 13 ° C in Queenstown and 17 ° C in Hobart.

Summer snow has already fallen in Tasmania’s central highlands this week, with more snow on the way today. (Nine news)

There is a severe weather warning for damaging winds for the Furneaux Islands, the northeast and parts of the western and north central forecast districts, with strong and gusty winds of up to 100 km / h developing in the morning.

A medium to high probability of rain in the southern agricultural area and a slight probability of rain in the adjacent parts of the northern agricultural area, increasing to a very high probability in the Mount Lofty Ranges and parts of the Lower South East district. Slight chance of a morning storm off the south-southeast coast.

Cold to temperate, degree to warm in the extreme northeast, where temperatures will reach 31 ° C in Moomba and highs of 20 ° C in Adelaide.

Cool winds from west to southwest, strong at times over the south coast and ranges at times.

Showers and thunderstorms over Kimberley, Pilbara and the northern interior. Possibility of showers on the south coast.

Maximum temperatures of 39 ° C in Port Hedland and 24 ° C in Perth

Partly cloudy in the northeastern Barkly and eastern Carpentaria districts. A slight to medium chance of showers and thunderstorms elsewhere, increasing to a high probability near the west coast. Thunderstorms can be gusty in the Tanami district.

Cooler in the southern districts and very hot in the central districts.

Areas of raised dust in the south. Moderate to cool and gusty southeast winds south of Ali Curung. Light to moderate winds from northeast to northwest north of Ali Curung, cool and gusty in Barkly district in the morning.

Fire Hazard – High over eastern Carpentaria, southern Barkly, southern Tanami and Lasseter districts.

– Reported with Weatherzone and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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