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The heartbroken parents of a young mother killed in a Point Cook house fire paid tribute to their daughter in a moving memorial.

Alan and Elizabeth Forrest will never be able to see their granddaughter, Ivy, grow up.

The three-week-old girl was killed along with her mother, Abbey Forrest, 19, and her father, Inda Sohal, 28, when a fire ripped through their home on Totem Way around 3:40 a.m. Wednesday.

“I’m really at a loss for words. I can’t speak anymore,” a visibly distraught Ms. Forrest told 9News, as her husband supported her as she spoke.

Abbey Forrest (left), her partner Inda Sohal and baby Ivy were killed in the house fire. (Nine supplied)

“I spoke to her (Abbey) the night before and she said, ‘I love you mom, we’ll talk tomorrow.’

Today, the Forrests were joined by members of the local community who floated balloons and bubbles in tribute to the young family of three.

“The love and care of the people, just giving their condolences, walking down the street, has been absolutely beautiful,” said Forrest, flanked by family members.

The young family had recently moved to the area.

Elizabeth Forrest, Abbey Forrest's grieving mother.
Elizabeth Forrest, Abbey Forrest’s grieving mother. (Nine)

“She was beaming,” Forrest said of her daughter’s approach to being a new mom.

“Words cannot explain how he was with his little daughter … she was beautiful.”

“I was going to do a nursery for Ivy,” Mrs. Forrest said.

“And just having them … is just tragic.

“Hug your children, because you are not supposed to bury your children. So give them a hug and let them know that you love them, because you never know when you will see them again.”

A tree has been planted in a nearby park as a permanent monument to the young family.

Abbey Forrest (left) with her sister Emily (center) and their parents.
Abbey Forrest (left) with her sister Emily (center) and their parents. (Nine)

9News understands that Ms Hayes, a sex worker, was visiting a client who was staying downstairs when an argument broke out.

The man is understood to have left the property, and that’s when the mother-of-four allegedly set a mattress on fire.

Victoria Police issued a new statement today, clarifying that the deceased family did not know Ms Hayes.

The defendant did not appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court last night via the video link, but instead stayed at the Richmond Police Station.

He did not request bail and is expected to return to court in March.

The court heard that it was the first time Ms. Hayes had been in custody and that she was in poor condition behind bars taking pain medication.

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