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The end of the two-week Queensland heat wave is looming starting today, while the southern states will experience cooler temperatures and some rain.

Sydney is expected to experience another hot day with a maximum temperature of 34.

While a cool change is expected later today, this relief may not come until late at night, with temperatures expected to remain in the low 20s after sunset.

Heat is forecast to build up along the Western Australian coastline in the coming days as a depression develops in the region that filters a very hot air mass to the south.

At this stage, tomorrow appears to be the hottest day for Perth, with temperatures exceeding 40 ° C in some suburbs.


Meanwhile, a trough crossing southeast Queensland will cause unstable conditions, with damaging storms and winds forecast for parts.

Further south, a cold front passes through Victoria and Tasmania, bringing cooler temperatures and some rain, making it feel more like spring than summer.

Here’s your state-by-state forecast for Monday, December 7, 2020:

A canal runs through the interior of New South Wales, while a high-pressure system extends into the western parts from the top of the Great Australian Bight.

A front will cross NSW today and tomorrow, bringing cooler and less humid conditions.

Sydney will have a maximum temperature of 34 ° C, while Canberra will be much cooler with a maximum of 19 ° C.

A weak high near New Zealand extends a weak ridge along the tropical east coast of Queensland.

A trough and cold front over the central and southeastern districts will continue to push east today.

A slight to medium chance of showers and thunderstorms over most of the state, increasing to a high or very high chance in the southeast.

It will be extremely humid, with Brisbane at a maximum temperature of 34 ° C and Ipswich at a maximum temperature of 38 ° C.

A cool, cold and unstable stream of air from west to southwest persists over Victoria today in the wake of a cold front.

Scattered showers in most districts, particularly in the afternoon, with local hail in the western districts. Showers contracting to the southern and highland districts at night.

Melbourne will have a maximum of 18C.

A strong draft from west to southwest over Apple Island will weaken during the day.

Rains over the west, extreme south, central areas and northeast. Possible showers elsewhere until evening.

Hobart will peak in 17C with some rain.

A high-pressure ridge south of Perth is directing cold, cool to strong winds from west to southwest over the waters of southern Australia.

A medium to high probability of rainfall in the agricultural area of ​​the north and south, with a very high graduation in the south-southeast district.

Fresh to strong winds from southwest to south, subsiding later.

Adelaide is forecast to have a maximum of 19C.

A tropical low may develop off the western coast of Kimberley today and move slowly to the southeast.

Although this low level is unlikely to develop into a tropical cyclone, rain and thunderstorm activity is likely to increase in the western Kimberley and northeast Pilbara.

Warm conditions are forecast in Perth this week. (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Perth will have a sunny and hot day with a maximum temperature of 33 ° C.

synoptic map

A weak ridge is developing over the eastern Top End and is bringing rain and storms to the western region.

A trough moving north through the southern and central districts is also causing rains and storms.

Darwin will have some showers and a maximum temperature of 34C.

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