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President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, may have infected “hundreds and hundreds” of people, an American doctor claimed.

The focus is now on Giuliani’s recent movements and his attendance at events, often without a mask.

Rudy Giuliani tested positive for Covid-19, announced President Trump.
Rudy Giuliani tested positive for Covid-19, announced President Trump. (Getty)

“That’s what worries me so much about that video, and frankly, it worries me so much,” said Dr. Megan Ranney, an emergency room physician. CNN.

“We know that the two days before someone develops symptoms, before testing positive, is the time when they are most infectious.

“So Giuliani has not only been exposed and contracted COVID, but has potentially exposed hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters to the virus during its most infectious phase.”

The 76-year-old former New York mayor has traveled extensively to battle states in an effort to help Mr trump subvert his electoral loss to Joe Biden.

On numerous occasions he has met with officials for hours without wearing a mask.

Giuliani did not respond to a request for comment, but on Sunday night he retweeted Trump’s announcement about his diagnosis. He also tweeted thanks to a conservative writer who said he was praying for Giuliani.

Giuliani attended a hearing Thursday at the Georgia Capitol, where he was without a mask for several hours. Several state senators, all Republicans, also did not wear masks at the hearing.

On Wednesday night, Giuliani was in Lansing, Michigan, to testify in a highly unusual four-hour legislative hearing in which he pressured Republican lawmakers to ignore the certification of Biden’s Michigan victory and appoint voters for Trump. He wasn’t wearing a mask, and neither was attorney Jenna Ellis, who was sitting next to him. She asked one of her witnesses, a Detroit poll worker, if she would feel comfortable removing her mask, but lawmakers said they could hear her.

President Donald Trump speaks at the White House on Thanksgiving Day on November 26, 2020 in Washington, DC.
President Donald Trump speaks at the White House on Thanksgiving Day on November 26, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

Giuliani flew to Phoenix on Monday, where he met with Republican lawmakers for an hours-long hearing without a mask. The Arizona Republican Party tweeted a photo of Giuliani and several Republican state legislators standing shoulder to shoulder and without a mask. The Arizona legislature announced Sunday, after Giuliani’s diagnosis was made public, that it would close for a week as a precaution “for recent cases and concerns related to COVID-19.”

The Trump campaign said in a statement that Giuliani tested negative twice before his visits to Arizona, Michigan and Georgia. Unidentified members of Trump’s team who had close contact with Giuliani are in self-isolation.

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s attorney, speaks as President Donald Trump smiles during a Trump National Golf Club event, Friday, Aug. 14, 2020, in Bedminster, NJ, with members of the Benevolent Association of the Police Department of New York City. (AP Photo / Susan Walsh) (AP)

“The mayor did not experience any symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 until more than 48 hours after his return,” according to the statement. “There are no legislators in any state or members of the press on the contact tracing list, based on current CDC Guidelines.”

Giuliani also appeared without a mask at a Nov. 25 hearing in Pennsylvania. And he did not self-quarantine after being near an infected person at a Nov. 19 press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters. His son Andrew Giuliani, who is a White House aide, announced a day after the event that he had tested positive for the virus.

Research shows that people who contract the virus can spread it to others for several days before they start to feel sick.

Georgia State Sen. Jen Jordan, a Democrat who attended Thursday’s hearing, expressed her outrage after learning of Giuliani’s diagnosis.

“Little did I know that the most credible death threat I encountered last week was Trump’s own attorney,” Ms Jordan tweeted. “Giuliani, without a mask, in the crowded courtroom for 7 hours. To say that I am livid would be too polite.”

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