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Western australia Prime Minister Mark McGowan says the state will reopen its borders to New South Wales and Victoria, and arrivals will no longer have to be quarantined.

McGowan made the announcement today after meeting with the state medical director.

Under the change, starting at midnight tonight, arrivals from New South Wales and Victoria will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

However, McGowan said it was a positive sign that the worker COVID-19 it was from an American strain of the virus and had not been acquired locally.

He said the state medical director reported that the risk of COVID-19 importation from NSW and Victoria to WA is “now very low.”

“Throughout this pandemic I have made it very clear that Western Australia will take a thoughtful, cautious and careful approach to our decision making,” he told reporters today.

“We have kept COVID out, protecting people’s lives. And the Western Australian economy has come back to life as a result, faster than we expected.

“Over the past few days we have watched what has happened in New South Wales like a hawk.”

He said it is very nice to know that no more cases have been identified in the last five days and that there have been no additional cases in NSW for the last 30 days.

“The Health Director has recommended that the risk of COVID-19 importation from New South Wales is now ‘very low’,” he said.

“As a result, it is safe to continue with our plans, as announced last week. This will happen for both Victoria and New South Wales, starting at midnight tonight.”

He said New South Wales and Victoria now join ACT, Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania as “very low risk” jurisdictions.

“As of tomorrow, travel to WA from these states is allowed, with conditions, under our controlled border,” he said.

In addition to reopening its borders to New South Wales and Victoria, the state will also reopen to South Australia from midnight on Thursday.

“South Australia is currently classified as a ‘medium risk’ status, which effectively results in the hard border,” he said.

“Only those few exempt people are allowed to enter WA from South Australia.”

As part of considering the reopening of the WA border, SA travelers must complete a G2G pass and self-quarantine for 14 days.

“It is important to note that if you are driving through South Australia from another eastern state, you will be asked to follow the same travel conditions as someone living in South Australia,” he said.

“These safe and cautious steps are a positive step for our state and our country.”

He cautioned that he would not hesitate to return WA to harsh borders if there were future outbreaks in the eastern states.

“If we have any concerns about future outbreaks in the east that are subject to health advice, we can lift the hard border immediately,” he said.

“We will not hesitate to do so.”

The state has registered no new confirmed COVID-19 cases overnight.

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