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There is probably not a person in this country who has not been affected in some way by the closing of borders this year.

Who could have imagined then that it would still be closed to New South Wales and Victoria more than eight months later?

Natalia Cooper was like thousands of Australians who have struggled not to be able to hug their loved ones in other parts of the country. (9News / Natalia Cooper)

But today, the walls were finally torn down.

We were on the first flight from Sydney to Perth this morning.

A plane full of people desperate to see their loved ones.

The 3,000-kilometer journey flew by, because what’s four and a half hours when you’ve been waiting 246 days?

Upon arrival, we saw a couple hugging after six months of separation.

Grandparents hugging and kissing their grandchildren for the first time in a year.

Family with a newborn baby that they had only seen on FaceTime so far.

Natalia Cooper was overwhelmed with excitement when she was finally reunited with her loved ones after an eight-month confinement in WA. (9News / Natalia Cooper)

There were tears, many tears, tears of joy. It seemed that Australia was almost one again.

I came to Perth to cover the reopening of the border for 9News, but the story is very personal to me.

Like so many others, I have been separated from my family, who live on the west coast.

OMG I’ve missed them, I haven’t seen them since last December.

We are usually the type of family that doesn’t go more than a couple of months without seeing each other.

So yeah, this year has been tough. I have missed you so much that I have cried, more than once.

I think the hardest thing was that they hadn’t seen my son, Ezra, since he was 11 months old. He will be two years old soon.

He was just a baby, but now he walks, talks, hugs and kisses and has become the most beautiful little man.

They have not been able to share those special moments and it breaks my heart a little.

But today was a special day. My family was waiting for me at the airport.

My five-year-old nephew and three-year-old niece had made a large, shiny sign that read “Welcome home, Aunt T.”

We hug, we kiss, we laugh. It was perfect. Overwhelming happiness.

This time Ezra couldn’t come with me. Working as a reporter with a young child in tow would be crazy to the next level! But we will be back in January for a proper vacation.

Families finally reunited

Grandfather meets grandson for the first time when Queensland border reopens

I know my family is desperate to see him and I can’t wait for the next big reunion.

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