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Australia’s luckiest zip code is a small suburb just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, where residents have managed to raise more than $ 10 million in just one year.

The suburb of Melton, which carries zip code 3337, has been named the luckiest in Australia after four winning division one lottery tickets were sold there in 2020.

That totaled a staggering $ 10.4 million in combined earnings for Melton’s locals, who led the nation with the most first division wins in the past 12 months.

NewsXpress in Melton, where several winning first division tickets have been sold. (NewsXpress)

An analysis of the lottery data from official holder The Lott has revealed the luckiest zip codes in each state in Australia.

After Melton, the second luckiest zip code was 6062 for Morley in Western Australia, which earned $ 6.45 million.

It was followed by 4870 (Cairns, Queensland) with $ 6.24 million and then the 2000 Sydney CBD ZIP code, where $ 5.4 million was earned in 2020.

An empty Sydney CBD during lunchtime
Sydney CBD scored highly, probably due to the number of workers buying tickets on their lunch breaks. (SMH / James Brickwood)

When broken down by state, Victorians earned a staggering $ 365.4 million, followed by New South Wales and ACT ($ 420 million), Queensland ($ 300 million), Western Australia ($ 68.5 million dollars) and South Australia (53 million dollars).

Bronwyn Spencer of The Lott said it was not unusual to see groups of winners hailing from the same area.

“While lottery prizes can land anywhere, from time to time, we see prize pools in the same region or zip code,” Ms. Spencer said.

“This year we have seen a mix of access points, from bustling city centers to regional areas and smaller towns, showing that a winning access point can emerge anywhere in the country.”

Cairns Swimming Lagoon on the Esplanade
Cairns was the luckiest place for lottery players in Queensland in 2020. (iStock)

However, just because Melton is on a good first division winning streak, it doesn’t mean he will shoot again.

“Some players flock to the hotspots for their tickets in the hope that it will award them a major prize, while others avoid them in the hope that a lottery bolt will strike elsewhere,” Spencer said.

“Regardless, there is one thing that is guaranteed: you can’t win if you don’t have a ticket.”

Tennant Creek in the NT made $ 4.8 million in the last 12 months. (9NEWS)

The 5 luckiest postcodes in Australia in 2020


Postal Code:


Total Division One Awards Won:



Melton, Victoria

$ 10.4 million



Morley, Western Australia

$ 6.45 million



Cairns, Queensland

$ 6.24 million



Sydney, NSW

$ 5.4 million



Tennant Creek, Northern Territory

$ 4.8 million

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