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Victorians are anxiously awaiting the 30,000 additional regional travel coupons that will be released on the Business Victoria website at 12pm.

Website problems, where an “Internal Server Error” appeared within 30 seconds of when Victorians tried to log into the website, meant that people had a hard time submitting their application all day, until the assignment of the Coupon sold out at midnight.

Dromana is a small town on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne.
Dromana, a small town on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. (Justin McManus / The Age)

High demand also caused the “Apply Now” button to be removed as the website struggled to cope with the flood of traffic.

Business Victoria said on Saturday that the additional 30,000 coupons will be made available as a “show of good faith” following the website chaos.

“Vouchers will be made available to Victorians as a show of good faith after strong demand for the Regional Travel Voucher Program … caused long delays for people planning summer trips to the Victoria region.” said a government spokesman.

There are now 150,000 travel vouchers available in total in three separate rounds.

Coupons are assigned “on a first-come, first-served basis,” so people have been urged to enter quickly to avoid getting lost.

An internal server error appeared on the Business Victoria website on Friday. (Nine)

Coupons can be used throughout the Victoria region, plus the Yarra Ranges and Mornington Peninsula, from December 12 through May next year.

To be eligible, Victorians must spend $ 400 or more on accommodations, tourist attractions, or tours, and book at least two nights of paid accommodations in specified periods.

The $ 28 million plan is open to Victoria residents 18 and older and vouchers are restricted to one per household.

Another error message appeared when people tried to request the coupons. (Nine)

“It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy an extra night of accommodation on a weekend getaway or to experience one of our many tours and attractions,” said Tourism Minister Martin Pakula.

“A little more money in people’s pockets means they can see more and do more in the Victoria region, helping local businesses and the people and communities they support to recover.”

The bonus batch of the first round of coupons, available starting at 12:00 today, will cover travel periods from December 12 to January 22.

The second round, available on January 20, will cover travel between January 27 and April 1.

The third round, available on March 30, will apply to travel between April 6 and May 31.

Coupons that have not been used in the first two rounds will be added to the third round.

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