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Former Rebel Motorcycle President Nick Martin has been shot dead in front of hundreds of horrified spectators at a family-oriented motorsports event in Perth.

A boy and another man sitting nearby were also injured in the shooting.

WA police were called to the Kwinana Motorplex after reports of a shooting just after 8:30 pm yesterday.

Former rebel motorcycle chairman Nick Martin was shot dead at the Kwinana Motorplex near Perth. (9News)

The motorplex had organized its Outlaw Nitro Challenge, which attracted families and children to watch the nitrogen-fueled dragster race.

All three victims were treated by paramedics at the scene, but Mr. Martin did not survive his injuries.

The other man, a 31-year-old patched rebel gang member, was taken to the hospital by ambulance to be treated for gunshot wounds.

An eight-year-old boy, who was sitting on his parents’ lap next to the bicycles, was treated by paramedics for a “minor injury” but did not require hospitalization.

The boy was not related to either motorcycle, but was there with his parents, according to Washington Police Commissioner Chris Dawson.

The commissioner said the boy was now home with his family and was “in good health in terms of his injury.”

Washington Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said “this is not the Western Australia we want to live in” after the shooting at a family-oriented motorsports event. (9News)

“The community is justifiably outraged by this type of violent criminal behavior in a crowd in Western Australia,” Dawson said.

“This is not the Western Australia we want to live in.”

He said the police would be “relentless” in their pursuit of the shooters, as he asked attendees with information or insight into the incident to provide it to the police.

The CCTV vision shows Mr. Martin and Mr. Brajkovich fighting in front of shocked customers. (9News)

The police commissioner said police were on high alert for retaliatory attacks after yesterday’s shooting.

However, the Gang Crime Squad was not only targeting any particular gang, Mr. Dawson said they would investigate “the entire criminal fraternity.”

“We should all be outraged by this violent criminal behavior; in a crowd, an eight-year-old boy, who has received, fortunately, superficial wounds,” he said.

“These criminals don’t stop and they don’t care about human life.

“The fact that this shooting occurred in a public place with many innocent people around, including children, shows the nature of these violent criminal gangs.”

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