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A great winter blizzard will hit parts of the US, from the Mid-Atlantic to New England on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
New York City could receive up to 12 inches of snow, according to forecasts.
People walk in Central Park during the first snow of the season on December 9, 2020 in New York City. (Getty)

“There is a lot of confidence that this winter storm will have significant impacts, including travel disruptions and power outages across much of the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England,” the Weather Forecast Center said.

Storm It will begin early Wednesday in western North Carolina and will move to the main metropolitan areas of the Northeast by mid-afternoon or late afternoon.

Heavy snow is expected near and north of the Interstate 95 corridor from Washington to Boston.

The 2016 winter storm, dubbed ‘Jonas,’ buried New York and was recorded as the second-largest snowstorm in New York City history. (LightRocket via Getty Images)

“Models seem pretty convinced Monday morning that temperatures just above the surface will remain below freezing,” said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers.

“If this happens, it would certainly increase the amount of snow in New York above 12 inches (30.5 cm).”

If they fall more than 30 cm New York, it would be the most snowfall the city has seen from a single storm, or even in a month, since the historic snowstorm in January 2016.

The amount of snowfall will vary, depending on where the center of the storm is and where the heaviest bands of snow are.

Early indications suggest that if New York stays cool enough, the city will get 20 to 14 inches of snow.

A man shovels snow off a trail after a record-breaking blizzard buried New York City four years ago. (LightRocket via Getty Images)

Boston is on the northern fringe of the storm and could see a more drastic change in precipitation amounts, depending on where the storm is heading.

Washington is in the far south and the amounts could also vary depending on the amount of warmer air leaking into the city, with the forecast for anywhere from a layer of dust to 15 cm of snow.

If warm air mixes in, the Washington area could see sleet and freezing rain mixing.

This same warm air will bring a wintry mix of snow and ice south through central and southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina.

The storm will begin early Wednesday in western North Carolina and, by mid-afternoon or late afternoon, will move to major northeastern metropolitan areas. Heavy snow is expected near and north of the Interstate 95 corridor from Washington to Boston. (CNN)

Winter storm warnings are already posted in six states (North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey) for heavy snow and / or ice impacts.

The National Weather Service offices in New York and Boston will likely issue clocks late Monday.

Strong wind conditions will also be a concern, with some areas, especially along the coast, approaching blizzard conditions.

The snow-flooded bike ride that hit New York City in 2016. (LightRocket via Getty Images)

Sustained winds of 40 to 56 kmph are possible, with gusts of up to 45 mph at times.

Models disagree on precisely how quickly the storm will leave the region on Thursday morning.

Still, by afternoon, the system should disappear for most people.

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