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Western Australian police are offering a reward of up to $ 1 million and possible immunity to anyone with information that helps solve the murder of former rebel chief Nick Martin.

Police believe he was hit by a precision sniper bullet and several motorcycle clubs and other outlaw properties have been searched in the investigation.

WA Police Minister Michelle Roberts described the crime as “an incredibly disturbing incident” and said local authorities and the WA government want justice.

Former rebel motorcycle president Nick Martin was shot dead at the Kwinana Motorplex. (9News)

“This is a crime that cannot go unpunished … we are putting all the resources and the prospect of a reward, this reward has the support of the prime minister and the government,” Ms Roberts told reporters.

She said the reward money would be taken from the existing $ 30 million in crime cash seized by WA police.

He added that possible judicial immunity was on the table “as long as the person who comes forward is not the main perpetrator.”

“It is an unprecedented reward for a crime of this nature, but we don’t want someone who was killed like someone this time … we want them behind bars,” he said.

Multiple raids were carried out in Perth overnight as detectives continue their search for a gunman.

Assistant Washington Police Commissioner Brad Royce said six more search warrants were issued today.

“In this case, the million dollars is critical. Many people may know something and are afraid to show up,” Royce said.

Officers are still not sure who was behind the shooting, and detectives have not ruled out a hit inside the rebel camp.
Officers are still not sure who was behind the shooting, and detectives have not ruled out a hit inside the rebel camp. (9News)

“We offer opportunities around protection. The reward is for those people who may know something. It is an admission that we don’t want to take forever.”

Mr. Chapman was sitting in the stands near Mr. Martin and was hit by the same bullet that killed the former motorcycle boss.

A five-year-old boy, who was sitting on the lap of Martin’s wife, was also injured by the gunshots, but did not need hospital care.

“At this stage, the part of the bullet fragment has been recovered,” Royce said.

He said that 20 police recruits combined the Kwinana Motorplex today and there were “a significant number of responses” via Crime Stoppers.

“We need to be able to bring the killer to court,” he said.

“The anonymity offered by Crime Stoppers is guaranteed … we have processes to work with you to protect your safety.”

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