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One of the first questions asked when someone dials triple zero is “where are you?”

The answer is not always easy, with emergency services that receive weekly incidents where callers do not know their location.
The latest updates for Android and iPhone Mobile phones will help emergency services across the country know the exact location of callers with new Advanced Mobile Location (AML) technology.
Communications Minister Paul Fletcher announces new AML technology for emergency calls. (9News)

“When you call triple zero, you are stressed out and anxious, so much so that sometimes you don’t know where you are,” Communications Minister Paul Fletcher said at NSW Fire and Rescue headquarters, where he announced the technology today.

AML has replaced Triple Zero’s current location technology known as Push Moli, which has limitations.

Push Moli is based on the best possible location data based on the estimated coverage provided by the adjacent cell towers owned by telecommunications companies.

Push Moli’s location information is more accurate in metropolitan areas than in regions where the location is sometimes only reduced to a radius of 100 kilometers.

While AMS works through mobile geolocation, when a caller dials emergency services, more precise location coordinates are automatically provided.

An emergency services worker looks at a map, trying to determine the location of a triple zero caller. (9News)

“AML will find the location details of callers within meters that will be automatically sent to the triple-zero call center,” Fletcher said.

“Providing automatic location information will save lives, keep Australians safer.”

Triple Zero receives up to 27,000 calls nationwide each day and about 78 percent of these calls originate from a mobile phone.

More than 99 percent of Android Phones already have access to AML technology – Android mobile devices running Android 4.1 and higher operating system with Google Play Services installed.

IPhone users, with model 6S or higher, must update to iOS 14.3 for AML to be activated.

Apple Watches can also access the technology in Series 3 or later once the 7.2 update has been installed.

“On a daily basis, our emergency services do not know where they are, sometimes it is because of their geographical location, sometimes because of their injuries or the stress of the situation,” said the officer in charge of the Combined Operations Group. Ian Parrot. said.

AML technology has been labeled a ‘game changer’ for emergency services. (Getty)

AML has been developed for emergency services by Apple and Google, with the assistance of Telstra, who is responsible for the operation of triple zero.

The launch comes after widespread rehearsals at NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW Police.

“People’s location is very important to us and to all emergency services,” said Chief Superintendent Wayne Phillips of NSW Fire and Rescue.

“One of the benefits of AML is that we can even place people inside the Sydney CBD buildings.

“It will help us to have a timely response and save lives.”

Telstra is responsible for the operation of Triple Zero and has been working with Apple and Google to test AML for iPhone and Android devices, as well as with mobile carriers and emergency services organizations, including NSW Police and NSW Fire and Rescue. .

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