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Death of a Melbourne woman in Mozambique More than four years ago she will be investigated in a coronary investigation, without charges being filed despite the years of campaign of her grieving father.

Elly Warren died while volunteering in Africa in 2016.

The 20-year-old, who had hopes of being a marine biologist, was found dead by fishermen behind a bathroom block in the coastal town of Tofo on November 9 of that year.

Elly Warren, 20, had aspirations to become a marine biologist. (Nine)
Paul Warren wants answers about his daughter’s untimely death in 2016. (Nine)

“I have asked the coroner today to take it to the next level, we need the Australian authorities to diplomatically demand that we receive the investigation file,” said his father Paul Warren.

Ms. Warren died of suffocation according to various forensic examinations, with abrasions on her neck, bruises on her mouth, and lungs filled with sand. There were no drugs in his system.

Today, Victorian coroner Darren Bracken decided that an investigation would be carried out into the death of the Mordialloc woman, who was only two days away from returning home when she died.

Elly Warren was a volunteer in Mozambique when she died. (Nine)

Paul, Ms Warren’s father, has long campaigned for an investigation and has spent tens of thousands of his family’s money on what he believes to be a cover-up, prompted by the fact that the police local of the African nation did not deliver the file of the investigation. to the Australian authorities.

“There has been no response from the Mozambican authorities,” he said.

“Why don’t they give it to us? What’s the reason?”

The grieving father is hopeful that the investigation will provide some answers about what happened to his beloved daughter.

“I think we will get to the bottom of the matter. I am very happy that Mr. Bracken is handling the proceedings, due to the fact that he has the experience.”

Paul Warren says the government needs to support families whose loved ones have died abroad. (Nine)

“I miss her so much because we get along so well together you know?” he said.

Warren has alleged that he has evidence that local authorities in Mozambique massacred the homicide investigation, and there were nationwide problems with Australian authorities.

“I have the facts that covered it up … there were many problems with the AFP (Australian Federal Police); they had a lot of evidence from the beginning that was never transmitted to the coroner.”

The father is also urging the government to create a support agency for the families of Australians killed abroad with the support of Bill Shorten.

He said it is vital when crimes have been committed in developing countries with different legal systems, which can be difficult to navigate.

“The prime minister needs to get involved, his department needs to get involved.”

The date for the investigation will be set in February.

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