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A low monsoon will generate heavy rains, storms and stormy winds in Top End and Kimberley.

The canals will gain moisture to trigger very hot rains, storms and winds across much of the Western Australian outback, the Northern Territory, Queensland and northern New South Wales.

A monsoon trough is found along the north shore of Top End and is expected to strengthen somewhat on Saturday.

Severe weather advisory for parts of Queensland. December 19, 2020. (Okay)

A weak low-pressure system west of Darwin is moving southwest across the Timor Sea.

Today, the tropical low is expected to cross the Timor Sea and make landfall over northern Kimberley, bringing heavy rain, damaging winds and abnormally high tides on parts of the coast.

Daly, Tiwi, Arnhem, Carpentaria and Gregory can issue a warning of winds exceeding 90 km / h and drops of up to 150 mm with risk of flash floods.

Locations that may be affected include Darwin, Palmerston, Batchelor, Wadeye, Wurrumiyanga, and Nauiyu.

Severe weather warning for heavy rain, damaging winds and high tides in the NT. December 19, 2020. (Okay)

Large tides are also set to hit areas around Nhulunbuy, Birany Birany, Alyangula, and Numbulwar.

Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce heavy rains that can cause flash floods in parts of Queensland today. Locations that may be affected include Clermont and Elgin Downs.

Western Australia is also facing a serious fire hazard today with high temperatures above 40 ° C and gusty winds creating dangerous conditions for the Gascoyne, West Pilbara Coast, Ashburton Inland, Exmouth Gulf Coast, North Interior and Fire Weather Districts. Inland Central West – North.

A rise will keep much of South Australia dry.

Here’s your state-by-state forecast for Saturday, December 19, 2020:

Mostly sunny in the extreme southwest, a slight to medium probability of showers and thunderstorms elsewhere, increasing to a medium to high probability in the interior southeast. Severe thunderstorm hazard in parts of the southeastern interior west of Boonah.

Warm conditions in the southwest and south of the interior, with highs of 43 ° C in Birdsville and 35 ° C in Rockhampton. A little cooler in Brisbane, with a maximum forecast of 31 ° C.

Mild to moderate winds east to northwest in general, although moderate to cool winds from south to southeast over the southwest.

New South Wales and the ACT

Showers and a thunderstorm or two to the northeast and north inland. A rain or two in another part of the east.

Dry and mostly sunny elsewhere. Daytime temperatures are below average, especially in the east, where mercury will peak at 21 ° C in Woolongong, 23 ° C in Sydney and 24 ° C in Canberra.

Winds from the northeast to the northwest over the mountain ranges and northern slopes. Winds from the south to the southeast that spread through the rest.

Patchy morning fog south of the cordilleras in the southwest. A partly cloudy day with showers south of the cordilleras, contracting towards the southeast in the late afternoon.

Dry and mostly sunny elsewhere with highs of 25 ° C in Bendigo and 20 ° C in Melbourne.

Cool to mild with moderate southerly winds, tending to be warmer in the northwest.

Fire Hazard: High in the Northeast and Northwest, low to moderate elsewhere.

synoptic map

Showers, mainly in the central and eastern areas in the afternoon and evening. Spotty early fog in the north.

Highs of 20 ° C in Launceston and 17 ° C in Hobart and Swansea.

Winds from west to southwest of a slight and variable trend, with coastal sea breezes.

Low probability of showers on the lower south-east coast. A slight to medium chance of showers and possible thunderstorms in the Pastoral del Noroeste district, central parts of Pastoral del Noreste, and the West Coast district west of approximately Ceduna. Rains that tend to a high probability in the extreme west of the Northwest Pastoral.

Soft on the southern coasts with a warm to warm classification in the north. Maximum temperature of 36 ° C in Oodnadatta and up to 25 ° C in Adelaide.

Moderate to cool winds from the southwest to the southeast.

Showers and thunderstorms over the Kimberley tending to rain in the north. Heavy drops are possible over the north and northeast of Kimberley.

Showers and thunderstorms over central and eastern Pilbara, interior, eastern Gascoyne and northern Goldfields, and northern Southwest Lands Division.

Highs of 32 ° C in Geraldton, 35 ° C in Perth and 42 ° C in Telfer

There is a severe weather advisory for the NT and thunderstorms are expected in several locations today.

Darwin is likely to be affected by wild weather with storms forecast today and a maximum temperature of 32 ° C.

Mostly sunny in the Simpson district. A mild to medium chance of showers and thunderstorms elsewhere, increasing to a high to very high probability around and north of Elliott, southern Gregory and the far northwest Tanami districts.

Widespread rain in the Tiwi, Daly Islands, the north of Arnhem and the Gregory districts in the extreme northwest. Heavy drops are possible in northern Arnhem, Daly, northeast Carpentaria, and northwest Gregory districts.

Thunderstorms can be gusty over Top End, western Carpentaria, Gregory, northern Tanami, and northwestern Barkly districts.

Moderate to cool northwest to northeast winds over upper end, gusty at times, trending northeast to southeast elsewhere. Strong and gusty winds at times over the west coast, Gregory and the north of the Tanami districts.

Other parts of the state, including Alice Springs, Gregory, Tanami, southern Barkly and Lasseter, are facing high fire danger today with temperatures forecast to reach 40 ° C in some places.

– Reported with Weatherzone and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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