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Police have confirmed that they are dealing with the murders of an elderly man Queensland couple as a terrorism event.

Detectives made the announcement this morning after discovering a “direct link” between the death of an elderly couple in southern Brisbane and the murder of Raghe Abdi.

The bodies of Maurice Anthill, 87, and Zoe Anthill, 86, were found in a home in Parkinson’s yesterday afternoon.

A crime scene has been set in a house in Parkinson’s. (Nine)

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford said forensic examinations of the two scenes revealed they were related.

“That link is related to the fact that an article was found with Mr. Abdi that we believe comes from the address of the deceased elderly couple,” said Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford.

“We are also looking for items of property that were located at his address and that we believe may have been owned by Mr. Abdi.”

QPS Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford and AFP Deputy Commissioner Ian McCartney address the media about the Drewvale shooting. (9News)

Abdi was known to counter-terrorism authorities and was arrested in May 2019 when trying to board a flight to Somalia with a one-way ticket.

He is currently out on bail and must wear a tracking device.

Police visited Abdi’s home twice Wednesday after the GPS monitoring company alerted them to “tampering” with the bracelet.

Later they searched the bushes and found the device where it was “pinging”.

Police shot him dead yesterday after approaching officers with a knife in his hands on the Logan Highway in Drewvale around 6 a.m.

Police allege that Mr. and Mrs. Anthill were killed hours before their death.

A man was shot and killed during a police operation in Drewvale, near Brisbane, this morning. (Nine News / Sophie Upcroft)

Police emphasized that they had discovered no evidence to suggest that other people were involved in the incidents.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said there was no need for the community to worry after being briefed by the Chief Commissioner.

“Tragically, people have lost their lives,” said Palaszczuk.

“My report was that this was an isolated occurrence and that there is no need for the Queensland community to worry.”

Annastacia Palazczuk speaking this morning. (Nine)

Deputy Commissioner Linford said body camera images were being reviewed and the GPS tracking device Abdi cut off was still missing.

Detectives are also looking for the driver of a white car who appeared to have stopped to help and speak to Abdi before leaving the scene.

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