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Australia will continue its east-west climate divide today, with wet and windy weather for the eastern states, while the west coast can expect hot and dry conditions.

A tropical low and associated trough will continue to bring heavy rains and storms to Western Australia’s Kimberley and the interior of the Northern Territory, with 50mm to 100mm possible by the end of today.

The eastern states will be affected by a separate lowering, front and trough, with intense storms and rains in northern Tasmania, Victoria, eastern New South Wales and Queensland.


Meanwhile, heat will continue to build up on the west coast in the coming days as a low-pressure channel draws a mass of warm air towards the coast. Perth is expected to hit 40 ° C tomorrow.

Here’s your state-by-state forecast for Tuesday, December 22, 2020:

Mostly sunny in the extreme southwest, a slight to medium probability of showers and thunderstorms elsewhere, increasing to a high to very high probability in the interior of the northwest, north and south.

Scattered showers in the southwest during the morning. Risk of severe thunderstorms in the northwest and inland from Georgetown to Toowoomba.

A maximum of 34 ° C for Brisbane, 31 ° C for Coolangatta and 36 ° C for Ipswich.

Rain and the possibility of thunderstorms have been forecast in the Northeast, with possible heavy drops in the morning in the ranges.

Moderate rain to a few showers in the morning. A rain or two in the rest of the east.

The possibility of a thunderstorm in the south. Dry and partly cloudy in other parts of the west.

Northeastern parts of New South Wales can experience flooding.

Sydney will have a maximum temperature of 29 ° C, Newcastle 30 ° C and Wollongong 27 ° C.

Canberra will have a maximum of 23C.

The low-pressure system is forecast to drench the southeastern states in rain. (WeatherZone) (Supplied)

Areas of rain, generalized in and to the south of the mountain ranges, contracting towards the east later in the day.

It becomes rainy in the west and through Gippsland, although it remains generally dry in Mallee.

Melbourne will have a maximum temperature of 18 ° C, Geelong 19 ° C and Mount Dandenong 14 ° C.

Isolated thunderstorms with possible heavy falls in the central and eastern parts, contracting to the east and clearing at night.

A cool to temperate day with moderate to cool south-southwest winds becoming strong along the central coast during the afternoon and evening.

The northeast and east of the state can expect heavy rains. Possible thunderstorms over the east and north coasts and the Furneaux Islands, and the west and southwest later in the day.

Winds from the northeast to the southeast, cool over the northeast and extreme northwest, turning from south to southwest over the west in the afternoon.

Hobart can expect a high of 20C and Launceston 20C.

A weakened cold front will move over the southwest of the state tonight.

A high pressure system in southwestern Western Australia extends a ridge to southern South Australia.

A low pressure system over Victoria will move east today.

The state can expect good conditions, as well as a slight to medium probability of rain on the southern coasts and agricultural area, shrinking to the southern coasts in the afternoon.

Adelaide is forecast to peak at 23 ° C.

Cool to mild with moderate to cool winds from southwest to southeast.

A trough extends from the Pilbara coast through the Kimberley interior to a tropical low over southeast Kimberley. The tropical low is expected to weaken in the coming days.

A ridge is in the south of the state and a depression is developing near the west coast.

Temperatures are rising along the west coast as the depression persists.

Perth is heading for a maximum of 36C.

Partly cloudy in the southern Lasseter and Simpson districts.

A slight to medium chance of showers and thunderstorms elsewhere, increasing to a high to very high probability north of Alice Springs, with areas of rain south of Tennant Creek.

Darwin can expect a maximum temperature of 31 ° C and Alice Springs of 21 ° C.

Moderate to cool and gusty winds from northwest to northeast.

– Reported with Weatherzone and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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