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The east coast to west coast climate divide continues today, with temperatures expected to reach 40 ° C in Perth, while there will be cooler and wetter conditions for parts of the southeast.

A monsoon trough and dip are generating heavy rains, storms and gusty winds in the northern tropics.

A depression is causing rain and storms in other parts of the Northern Territory and Queensland. A weak front is bringing some shower of light to southeast Australia.

Weather map December 24, 2020. (Nine)

The heat will continue today in the western parts of Western Australia. The mercury is likely to rise to 40 ° C again in Perth.

In contrast, Sydney will experience another cloudy day with much cooler temperatures.

Here’s your state-by-state forecast for Wednesday, December 23, 2020:

A low pressure canal is currently over central parts of the state. A high-pressure ridge runs across the south of the state, as some coastal rains will fall today and tomorrow.

Today it will be partly cloudy and the possibility of a rain or two in the far north and east. They will arrive at the Central Coast in the late afternoon. Dry and mostly sunny in the west.

Sydney will have a maximum temperature of 27C and Canberra 26C.

A slight to medium probability of showers and thunderstorms, increasing to a high to very high probability in the central and northern districts.

Showers that tend to rain in patches in the center of the state. Risk of locally strong falls in the central interior.

Brisbane is heading for a maximum temperature of 28 ° C, Cairns 34 ° C and Sunshine Coast 27 ° C.

A cool to mild day, partly cloudy in the south and sunny in the north. Isolated light showers in the morning in the south.

Moderate south to southwest winds with afternoon sea breezes at Gippsland.

There is a high fire hazard warning for the northern parts of the state.

Melbourne can expect a maximum of 19C.

Showers over the west and south, spreading over the central, south, and northeast areas for a period in the afternoon and early evening.

Good for the north and the Furneaux islands. Winds from the west to the southwest, although softer and more variable on the upper east coast.

Hobart will have a maximum of 18C.

Well, aside from a small chance of rain near the southern shores early in the morning, and near the northeast border.

Mild to warm, graduated from warm to warm in the northwest. Mainly moderate winds from the south to the southeast.

Adelaide will have a maximum of 26C.

Temperatures are rising along the west coast as the low pressure depression persists.

Showers and thunderstorms over Kimberley, the northern Interior and the extreme north of the Pilbara. Chance of an evening rain or thunderstorm over the South and Southwest Coast Districts and the adjacent Great Southern.

Perth will have a maximum of 40C.

Cool and cloudy in the south with a medium to high chance of rain in Simpson and the north of the Lasseter district.

Significant stream and creek elevations may persist in the central and southern districts. Mostly sunny in the southern Lasseter district.

A medium to high chance of showers and thunderstorms elsewhere,

A maximum temperature of 32 ° C for Darwin.

– Reported with Weatherzone and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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