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First were the shots that startled residents in a center Nashville community on Christmas morning.

When people looked out the windows a little before dawn, they saw an old white motorhome parked on the street.

Then the sound of a woman’s voice began to emanate from the RV, with a warning. There was a bomb it was going to explode in 15 minutes.
Police and firefighters respond to an explosion on Christmas morning in Nashville.
Police and firefighters respond to an explosion on Christmas morning in Nashville. (Nashville Fire Department)

When the RV exploded, it smashed windows and sent pieces of flaming debris into the air, damaging several buildings.

The explosion remains a mystery, but Mayor John Cooper said Friday that the explosion was caused by a “deliberate bomb.”

Three civilians were hospitalized and are in stable condition, authorities said.

The unusual warning that came from the RV probably saved lives.

But serious injuries were also avoided as police officers took the warning seriously and cleared the area.

Police have released an image of the van that exploded in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning in the United States. (Nashville Police)
Emergency personnel work near the scene of an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, December 25, 2020. Buildings shook in the immediate area and beyond after a loud roar was heard early in the morning. Christmas (AP Photo / Mark Humphrey) (AP Photo / Mark Humphrey)

The tissue found will be examined to see if it is from a person

Nashville Police Department Chief John Drake said late Friday (local time) investigators found tissue near the blast site.

They will be examined, he said, to determine if they are human remains.

He couldn’t tell how close the fabric was to the site where the motorhome exploded.

CBS News reported for the first time information on possible human remains.

The blast destroyed at least 41 businesses and one building partially collapsed, authorities said.

Concerned about the structural integrity of the affected buildings, the city cordoned off the area and will not allow anyone to enter until Sunday afternoon.

“It will be some time before 2nd Ave is back to normal,” Cooper said.

Witnesses recalled the terrible moments before the explosion and its aftermath.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said resident Betsy Williams. CNN.

He said he heard the warning from what sounded like an automated female voice.

She said that if the shots hadn’t woken her up, she wasn’t sure she’d heard the message.

She and her family left after the voice from the caravan said there were eight minutes left before the explosion.

They crossed the river and watched from the parking lot of the city’s NFL stadium.

When the time expired, they began to return. As they were driving down 2nd Avenue, they saw the explosion, Williams said.

“The fireball went over AT&T, over the AT&T building. Everything just, I mean, everything shook. It was an explosion,” he told Anderson Cooper.

Another resident said the scene of the destruction was like an apocalyptic movie.

Three cars caught fire. The trees were down. There were bricks and glass everywhere.

The mayor thanked the police for saving people from danger.

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