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A judge rejected a proposed $ 28.5 million (AU $ 37.6 million) bail package for Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, saying her incarceration is necessary to ensure she faces trial on the charges of who recruited teenagers to be sexually abused by the financier.

Federal District Judge Alison J. Nathan yesterday rejected Ghislaine Maxwell’s proposed bail release in an order.

But it did not immediately issue an opinion explaining its reasoning, to allow defense attorneys and prosecutors to propose redactions.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s request for bail was denied and a judge deemed it too high a flight risk. (Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images)

Defense attorneys for Maxwell, who had lost a bail request shortly after his arrest in July, recently offered the new bail package, saying that Ms. Maxwell and her husband were offering all of their wealth – $ 22.5 million ( $ 29.6 million) – and millions more in the assets of friends and family to secure the bond.

Ms. Maxwell’s husband has not been publicly identified.

Her attorneys said Ms. Maxwell would remain in a New York City residence under 24-hour surveillance and undergo electronic monitoring if the judge accepted the bail package.

A message seeking comment was sent to Maxwell’s attorneys after Judge Nathan ruled.

Prosecutors said Ms. Maxwell still retained access to significant wealth and was at high risk of running away due to her overseas connections; In addition to US citizenship, you have citizenship in your native UK and France.

Maxwell, 59, was arrested in July at a secluded New Hampshire home and taken to New York City.

She was accused of recruiting three 14-year-old teenagers to be sexually abused by Epstein between 1994 and 1997. She was also accused of participating in the abuse at times. She has pleaded not guilty to an accusation.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. (Nine)

She has remained in a federal jail in Brooklyn after Judge Nathan concluded shortly after her arrest that there were no bail conditions to ensure she would not flee.

“Substantially for the same reasons that the Court determined that the detention was justified at the initial bail hearing, the Court again concludes that no condition of release can reasonably ensure the appearance of the accused in future proceedings,” Judge Nathan wrote yesterday .

“To reach this conclusion, the Court considers the nature and circumstances of the crimes charged, the weight of the evidence against the Respondent, the history and characteristics of the Respondent, and the nature and severity of the danger that the release of the Respondent would represent, “added the judge.

Epstein committed suicide in August 2019 in a Manhattan federal jail while awaiting a sex trafficking trial.

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