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Richard Lawrence was the CEO of a non-profit company in the medical field before losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, he has applied for 136 jobs, without success.

His partner Christine Johnson said today that while 2020 had taught the couple to live carefully on a budget, they would have a hard time meeting their financial commitments and benefits would be reduced by $ 100 per person per fortnight.
Christine Johnson and Richard Lawrence on Today. (Today)

“What we are facing with the new withdrawal of funds is a time when we are really going to have a hard time moving from one bill to another,” he said.

“Over time (we will have) to face the reality that those bills will simply be too much for us.

“It only takes one expense, like a new pair of glasses, and your entire budget is ruined.”

Lawrence and Johnson are among more than a million Australians whose welfare payments They are being drastically reduced as of today, as the Federal Government continues to reduce assistance for the coronavirus.

Your payments will drop from $ 760.80 per person per fortnight to $ 660.80 per person per fortnight, an amount that, according to Mr. Lawrence, is less than the old-age pension.

Youth outside the Centrelink office (Getty)
More than a million Australians will face benefit cuts starting today. (Getty)

Lawrence described the job search process as daunting.

“For starters, you come out with a kind of confidence (and you think) that I’ll get my next job reasonably quickly, then three months later, you realize it’s not happening as fast as you thought,” he said.

“By the time you reach five months, you realize that it is time to go unemployed.”

He said that it is not “precious” when it comes to looking for work, but that it is difficult to get the right position.

“There is a solution, I’m not saying no, but my skill set is quite specific, so finding the right job in the right area is difficult,” he said.

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