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Berala’s group focuses on a BWS liquor store, where two workers tested positive and worked through the busy Christmas period.

Five of the seven new cases yesterday could be linked to Berala.

Contact tracers await the results of genomic sequencing to see how the virus entered Berala.

Former Australian Medical Association President Dr Tony Bartone told Weekend Today that we were “ahead of the curve compared to previous events.”

But he warned that the time of year also greatly increases the risk of rapid spread of COVID-19.

“Because of where we are, because it’s the holiday season, because we’ve had the potential for wide-spread events like New Year’s Eve, we really have to be on our guard,” he said.

The areas where the masks will be applied. (9News)

Speaking about the importance of the masks mandate to Greater Sydney, Dr. Bartone pointed out the group that started in a Thai restaurant in Melbourne just a few days ago.

Saying that a person entered the restaurant and infected several people, he said that it “shows you what can avoid wearing a mask in a close situation.”

Berala’s group is now considered the most worrying, sparking a push for testing in western Sydney as NSW Health warns of new alert locations.

This comes as restrictions in the southern Northern Beaches area have been loosened after a holiday closure.

The area is now treated as part of Greater Sydney.

A worker hands out free masks on the outskirts of Manly Wharf. Manly, Sydney. (Roger Stonehouse)

But as Premier Gladys Berejiklian used one hand to ease restrictions on northern beaches, she took it with the other while announcing new measures to curb the virus.

Masks are now mandatory in the greater Sydney area in some indoor settings, including public transport, shopping malls, hair and beauty salons, and hospitality areas after the new rules began at midnight.

Along with the use of masks, more severe restrictions will be placed on indoor gatherings:

  • Gym classes will be reduced from a maximum of 50 participants to 30.
  • Nightclubs, along with singing and dancing, will remain off the table.
  • Places of worship will now only be able to hold 100 people at a time, with smaller places subject to stricter restrictions.
  • This means that weddings and funerals will now have a 100-person limit.
  • Outdoor performances will be reduced to 500 out of 1,000 and controlled outdoor events from 5,000 to 2,000 to reduce the risk of super spread events.

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from wearing masks along with those with certain medical conditions.

Woolworths has already issued a statement saying that it expects all customers entering stores (Woolworths, Metro, BWS, BIG W and Dan Murphy’s supermarkets) in the greater Sydney area (including Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Central Coast) will use a face cover.

A worker hands out free masks on the outskirts of Manly Wharf. Manly, Sydney. (Roger Stonehouse)

Declaration of partner issuance after a fine of $ 19,000

Terry and Debbie Elford issued a statement this afternoon saying officials at the airport could not definitively tell them whether or not they would have to self-quarantine. Earlier today, Victoria health officials said the couple eloped from officers and faced fines of up to $ 19,000 each.

An image released by Victoria Police of a man and a woman who allegedly fled Melbourne Airport. (Victoria Police)

“We are truly sorry for the disaster this has caused,” the Elfords said in the statement.

Like hundreds of others on January 1, 2021, we were caught in confusion when the rules for entering Victoria changed.

“We had a permit, we lived in a green zone in New South Wales, we were flying in from Canberra airport, which is allowed, and after we got to Tullamarine, DHHS officers stopped us and couldn’t tell us if we needed to or not. quarantine ourselves, so after about an hour we left. “

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