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Heavy rains, storms and winds continue in Queensland today after some places received 100mm of rain in just one hour last night.

Streets are flooded in Ingham after they fell more than 122mm in one hour, rising to 185mm in two hours.

Mission Beach took nearly 150mm in six hours, 264mm fell around Tully, 209mm at Halifax and 196mm at Innisfail.

Former Cyclone Imogen brought heavy rains to North Queensland. (9News)

“There have been 24 very wet hours across Queensland,” Jonathan Howe of the Bureau of Metrology told Today.

“We saw quite large storms west of Brisbane, 112mm in Amberly, but we saw tropical and northern Queensland, 100mm to 150mm overnight with heavy rain, particularly around Mackay, around Townsville and more to come. heavy rains”.

Today there are flood warnings for the Don and Proserpine rivers.

“Look out for flood warnings and possible heavy rain warnings as well. So it’s certainly not over yet,” Howe said.

Northern NSW is also expected to withstand the humid conditions today after storms hit the Northern Rivers district overnight.

A flooded road in North Queensland. (Facebook)

Meanwhile, a front is bringing fresh winds and rain to the southeast of the state and the rain is expected to subside just in time for the annual test cricket match in Sydney.

A trough in the west keeps heat in the west and storms in the north.

Here’s your state-by-state weather forecast for Thursday, January 7, 2021:

Cold to temperate rains in the northeast. Squalls subsiding, from cold to temperate in the southeast. Mostly sunny, very warm to hot in the west.

Sydney will be partly cloudy with a low of 18 ° C and a high of 23 ° C. Average chance of showers this afternoon.

The Byron and Coffs coast is also being warned of high winds today.

Sydney’s 10-day wet streak will ease just in time for the New Years cricket test match to be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Three of the last six games have ended in rain-affected draws, but this year could be different despite the heavy rains of the past week.

Here’s the Weatherzone forecast:

  • Thursday January 7 (day one) and Friday January 8 (second day): windy, with temperatures of 20 degrees during the day. Partly cloudy with a moderate chance (40%) of light showers.
  • Saturday January 9 (third day): Partly cloudy. Maximum of 25 degrees.
  • Sunday January 10 (day four): Mostly sunny. Above 27.
  • Monday January 11 (day five): Partly cloudy. Above 27.

Canberra will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of showers at a maximum temperature of 23 ° C.

Moderate to warm rains in the southeast. Showers / storms, very hot in the northeast. Mostly sunny, hot in the west.

Brisbane will be cloudy but warm with a minimum of 24 ° C and a maximum of 28 ° C. High probability of rains, affecting the coast from early in the morning and extending inland from the end of the morning.

Mostly sunny, cool to temperate in the southwest. Clear, cool to light showers in the southeast. Mostly sunny, very warm to hot in the north.

Melbourne will be mostly sunny with a low of 14C and a high of 26C.

Mostly sunny, temperate in the southeast. Sunny, warm in the center. Mostly sunny, temperate to warm in the west. Windy, moderate to warm in the north.

Adelaide will be mostly sunny with a low of 14C and a high of 27C.

Thursday Mostly sunny, mild in the south. Mostly sunny, cool to temperate in the north.

Partly cloudy. Winds SW / SW 15 to 25 km / h with a trend SE / SW 25 to 40 km / h in the middle of the day. Maximum daytime temperatures between 17 and 23.

Mostly sunny, hot in the southwest. Sunny, warm in the south. Mostly sunny, very warm in the northwest. Showers, very warm in the northeast.

Perth temperatures are forecast to skyrocket today with a possible high of 38 ° C later today.

An emergency warning has been issued for a forest fire burning north of Perth. (9News)

The warm conditions combine with wind gusts of up to 70 km / h possible on the hills and slopes during the morning, creating dangerous fire conditions.

There is an extreme fire hazard warning for the west central coast and a severe fire hazard warning for the midwest interior, lower west (including Perth), Gascoyne interior, and north interior.

Rains / storms, very hot in the north. Windy, very warm inside. Sunny, warm to very warm in the south.

Partly cloudy. High probability of showers, probably starting this morning.

The possibility of a thunderstorm, with gusty winds from late this morning. Daytime temperatures will range from 25 ° C to 34 ° C.

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