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Having Canadian geese for your Christmas barbecue could be the solution needed to deal with 200 of the birds polluting a lake in New Zealand.

Geese are depositing up to 400 kilograms of droppings in Lake Awatea on the Kapiti coast, and a local resident wants to slaughter the geese and use their meat to feed the poor.

Geoff Amos said the locals are fed up with the mess created by the geese and has organized a petition.

Lake Pollution from Canada Geese NZ
Vaughan Haberley on the Awatea Lake Trail, Paraparaumu, where Canada geese poop makes any form of activity unpleasant. (Kevin Stent / Stuff NZ)
“Geese poop creates a terrible stench,” Amos said. NZ stuff.

Some locals no longer use the area as geese droppings littered the trails.

Each bird excretes up to two kilograms a day and, with up to 200 birds in the lake, it was damaging the environment.

Mayor K Gurunathan supported their expulsion from the lake, but said a massacre in an urbanized area could turn into a “public relations disaster” for the council.

During an earlier sacrifice, an injured bird ended up in a backyard, traumatizing the children, he said.

Amos said he understood that his removal was a major headache for the council, but that the situation was spiraling out of control.

Canada geese were removed from the list of protected species in 2011 and can be culled.

So far, 674 people have signed the petition, including people from as far away as Iceland.

Lake Pollution from Canada Geese NZ
Canadian geese, like these at Henley Lake in Masterton, are becoming a growing problem across the country. (Kevin Stent / Stuff NZ)

In Denver, city officials round up up to 300 geese a year to feed families.

“Apparently the meat is very good to eat,” Amos said.

Mr Gurunathan said that slaughtering poultry for meat was an interesting idea, but it also presented problems for the council.

“I don’t know how we would go with the Food Law,” he said.

Mr. Amos acknowledged that not everyone agreed that the birds were a problem and that some people enjoyed feeding and watching them in the lake.

He belonged to a group of radio yacht enthusiasts and said the geese were rendering the lake unusable and their numbers were growing rapidly.

Vaughan Haberley, who lives near the lake, is also fed up.

He accepted that killing the geese by shooting them was unpopular and he wanted the council to look for other ways to discourage the geese from using the lake.

Chef Martin Bosley supported the idea of ​​turning geese into a food source.

“I think it’s a better option for our Christmas table than turkey to be honest,” he said.

Lake Pollution from Canada Geese NZ
Canada geese are creating a mess on the roads around Lake Awatea. (Virginia Fallon / Stuff NZ)

Bosley said that meat had a lot of potential and chefs were always looking for something new.

He recommended grilling it and eating the brisket while it was still pink to prevent it from overcooking. You can finish frying with the skin facing down. The legs and carcass made a good broth.

Fish and Game Wellington Regional Manager Phil Teal said the meat was surprisingly tasty.

“They are highly valued to eat in New Zealand and abroad. The meat is low in fat and is very good to eat,” he said.

“You can grill them or put them in hot dogs and salami. They make really, really good stews.”

When geese molt, they cannot fly and Mr. Teal said they could be cornered like sheep.

Mathew McLay of Valley Meat Processing was reluctant to cull geese that had been killed by lead shots. Lead breaks the blades of processing machines and could also break your teeth.

He had eaten geese but was not as enthusiastic as Mr. Teal or Mr. Bosley.

“Low and slow is your friend, they tend to be very tough,” he said.

Lake Pollution from Canada Geese NZ
Chef Martin Bosley would like Canada geese to replace turkey and chicken at the Christmas dinner table. (Nicola Galloway / Stuff NZ)

The New Zealand Hunting and Shooting Forum has a page dedicated to Canadian Geese recipes.

Suggestions include everything from curry, satay, casserole, and goose nuggets. Schnitzel seems to be the preferred option, including a recipe from Charlie Horse.

“Slice them (breast) about 8mm and add chili flakes and Moroccan seasoning to the crumb. Heat a skillet with oil, to brown them, and then finish them in a hot oven in fan bake. I like pink in the middle. “. he said.

This article was originally published on Stuff NZ and has been republished with permission.

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