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The UK’s highly contagious strain of coronavirus continues to stoke fears here in Australia after it was linked to six more cases in the Brisbane hotel quarantine.

The other dominant news of the day is once again Donald Trump. American politicians are trying to find a way to get rid of him before his term ends, while some staunch allies refuse to accept those plans.

Here’s what you need to know for this afternoon:

America in confusion

  • YouTube has suspended Donald Trump’s account, joining Twitter and Facebook.
  • On the impeachment news, Vice President Mike Pence wrote a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying he will not remove Trump through the 25th Amendment. This means that Pelosi will likely pass an impeachment vote.
  • If you’ve been wondering what arguments US politicians are using both for and against impeaching Trump a second time, we’ve put together an explanation here.

ASX and Australian dollar rise

  • Australian stocks ended higher for the first time this week, ending the day’s trade marginally 0.11 percent or 7.5 points.
  • The biggest gains were in energy, mining, retail, large banks and telecommunications companies.
  • The biggest winner of the day was retail conglomerate Premier Investments, which grew 12.72%.
  • The biggest loser was medical device maker Polynovo, which lost 9.15%.
  • The Australian dollar is currently buying 77 cents on the dollar, having ended the day slightly higher thanks to renewed optimism in a peaceful transfer of power in the United States.

Most recent COVID-19

  • Brisbane hotel guests moved in as UK tension linked to six COVID cases

  • Northern beaches are no longer a focus of coronavirus

  • Victoria Stands Firm on Hard Border, No Local Cases for a Week

The great stories of Australia

  • Coon Cheese has renamed to Cheer Cheese after parent company Saputo Dairy Australia recognized the racial overtones associated with the long-standing brand.

    The change prompted thousands of comments on this 9News Facebook post:

  • An Australian accused of running the largest illegal market on the dark web has been arrested in Europe.

    The site, known as DarkMarket, was shut down today, German prosecutors said. Drugs, counterfeit money, stolen or counterfeit credit cards, anonymous mobile phone SIM cards and malware were among the things offered for sale there, prosecutors allege.

    The alleged operator, a 34-year-old Australian, was arrested near the German-Danish border.

What else is happening in the world?

A carrier pigeon has made an extraordinary journey around the world, flying from Alabama in the United States to Melbourne, where it landed in a suburban backyard on Boxing Day.

And interestingly, there is more bird news today from New Zealand, where pest birds are dumping hundreds of pounds of poop into a lake. The locals are furious and have an intriguing idea on how to dispose of garbage.

Today in history

Most read story of the day

Man who forgot password about to lose a $ 300 million Bitcoin fortune

A San Francisco computer programmer has only two password attempts left if he wants to unlock a Bitcoin wallet worth more than $ 300 million.

If Stefan Thomas fails and burns out on his last two out of 10 attempts, he will lose 7002 Bitcoin, which is currently worth $ 303 million life-changing.

You can read his story here.



Australian test spinner Nathan Lyon has criticized “disgusting” comments made by a group of fans at SCG towards Indian bowler Mohammed Siraj during the Sydney Test.

The game was stopped for more than 10 minutes in a hit of tea on the fourth day when a clearly agitated Siraj spoke with captain Ajinkya Rahane and referees Paul Wilson and Paul Reiffel about the behavior of the crowd.

“There is no room for any racial (sled) or abuse of any kind,” Lyon told reporters on Wednesday.

“People think it’s being funny, but it can affect people in different ways. For me, cricket is everyone’s sport and there is no place for it.

“I think it’s pretty disgusting to be honest. Yes, I have been on the other side of the situation, whether in England, New Zealand, South Africa or wherever. But there is no place for that. As a player you have to do your best to block it. “

You can read all Lyon comments here.

Quiz and crossword

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OR try our quizzicalToday’s is for those who think they are experts in local politics.

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