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The year has just begun and the tech giant Samsung is off to a good start, announcing its flagship smartphone for 2021, the Samsung Galaxy S21 range.
In the past, these devices would launch in March or April, while last year they were announced in February, the last in-person tech event held before the COVID-19 pandemic took posetion.

This year, there are three variants in the Galaxy S21 line.

Complete series of Samsung Galaxy S21. (Samsung)

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 has a 6.2-inch screen, the S21 + has a 6.7-inch screen, while the big brother of them all is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with a 6.8-inch screen along with four impressive cameras on the back. later.

“The events of 2020 have fundamentally changed us,” said Samsung Australia Senior Vice President Garry McGregor.

“Mobile technology specifically, it has been fundamental to facilitate connection, job stability, education and promote self-expression.

“Mobile devices are more critical today than ever.”

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. (9News)

With the Galaxy S21 range, there are three models that “meet a multitude of personal preferences,” he said.

“Featuring an advanced professional-grade camera system, an exceptionally smooth immersive screen, and the S21 Ultra with the most powerful battery of any S-series device.”

Each Galaxy S21 features a completely new design, moving the “camera stopper” to the edge of the phone and, in some variants, putting a contrasting color on the back.

However, at its core, it is the camera itself that sets the S21 apart from its predecessors and its opposition.

The standard Galaxy S21 and S21 + feature a triple camera array on the back, which includes a 3x telephoto zoom and wide and ultra-wide lenses.

Samsung Galaxy 21. (Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy 21 Plus. (Samsung)

On the Samsung S21 Ultra, you’ll find an additional lens that offers 10x zoom, which can be used to zoom up to 100x digitally, what Samsung calls “Spatial Zoom.”

This feature has been enhanced on these newer phones with a zoom lock, which eliminates shaky viewing of images that come from 100x zoom attempts by hand.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is also compatible with Samsung’s S-Pen, the stylus that comes with its high-end tablets, and the Samsung Galaxy Note range of phones.

This allows you to take notes on the fly or use the stylus to draw or interact on the screen.

Bringing this feature to a smartphone outside of the Note range is a first for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. (9News)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with S-Pen. (Samsung)

However, the most pleasant thing is the availability of 5G in each of the devices. In 2020, 5G was a premium priced option.

Just yesterday Telstra announced his 5G network It had reached 50 percent of the population and had over 750,000 5G devices connected, so it goes without saying that 5G should be the default.

That high-speed inclusion hasn’t been at the buyer’s expense either, with the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S21 starting at $ 1,249, a hundred bucks cheaper than last year’s entry-level phone and $ 250 cheaper than the phone. Most affordable 5G in the Galaxy S20 range last year.

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The devices are available for pre-order starting today and will go on sale on January 29.

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