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A teenager was rushed to hospital after being injured falling off a cliff while allegedly eluding police in Sydney’s inner west.

At around 1.40 am, police saw a motorcycle, which had been reported stolen, being ridden with another bicycle along Toxteth Road in Glebe.

Police tried to stop the motorcyclists for a random breath test, however, both allegedly did not stop and after a brief chase, the two teens dropped the motorcycles and jumped over a fence that barricaded a cliff.

The cliff where two 17-year-old boys fell after a police chase during the night. (9News)
The helmet of a 17-year-old who fell from the edge of a cliff in Glebe marked as part of the crime scene. (9News)

A 17-year-old boy fell 10 meters to the bottom of the cliff and suffered serious injuries.

He was taken to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery and remains in critical condition.

A second boy, also 17 years old, suffered minor injuries after landing on a ledge two meters below.

He was treated before being taken to the Newtown Police Station.

Investigators arrive at the place where two teenagers fell off a cliff while fleeing from police in Glebe. (9News)
A teenager has been hospitalized after falling from a cliff in Glebe. (9News)

He was charged with stealing a motor vehicle, taking and driving a means of transportation without the consent of the owner, never being a person licensed to drive a vehicle on a highway, leading police to a chase without stopping, and driving recklessly , and breach of bond.

He was denied bail to appear in juvenile court tomorrow.

A police officer also suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

“It was complex and obviously the police were concerned about the two men,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Stacey Maloney said.

A critical incident team is now investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, including the conduct of the officers involved.

That investigation will be subject to independent review.

The teenager had been seen riding a stolen motorcycle when a police chase ensued. (9News)
A 17-year-old teenager is expected to undergo surgery for his injuries. (9News)

Acting Deputy Commissioner Maloney said she does not believe there has been any misconduct on the part of the police, however the investigation has yet to reach any final conclusions.

“The police were doing what they were supposed to be doing patrolling the area, they saw a motorcycle that they believed had been stolen and they did everything possible at the time to make it stop properly,” he said.

The police are asking for witnesses to come forward.

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