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A well-loved dog has been reunited with its distraught owners after it escaped when a car collided with the family home. Melbourne home overnight.

Vic the Italian greyhound disappeared after a white Audi crashed at the Bentleigh house in Bugeja this morning.

“We were asleep and around 2.30am this morning, we heard a big bang … the house shook. The next thing you know, we went downstairs and there was a car in the living room,” Scott Bugeja told 9News.

The car went through the fence and into Bentleigh’s house around 2 a.m. (Nine)

The family searched for Vic for hours this morning, excited and concerned before their daughter Bella Bugeja saw him.

“I just screamed,” he said.

Mom Kylie said there were a lot of tears when they finally found the puppy.

“We are very relieved,” he said.

“We were up from 3 in the morning looking for him.”

Kylie Bugeja said it was a great relief to find Vic after nearly nine hours of searching for the one-year-old puppy. (Nine)

Son Levi, who received Vic as a birthday present last year, said the reunion was very emotional and will keep him close today.

Vic seemed anxious and nervous when he returned home after about nine hours wandering the streets alone.

“It’s a long time for a puppy,” Ms. Bugeja said.

“He’s happy to be home, happy to be with us.”

His son Levi Bugeja gave Vic as a birthday present last year and said he would probably spend the day with the puppy. (Nine)

While the family is relieved to have their beloved pet at home, the driver and a possible passenger continue to flee after fleeing the scene.

Police say a white Audi was traveling down Tucker Road when it crossed to the wrong side of the road, crashed into a fence and entered Bugeja’s home around 2 a.m.

The male driver managed to free himself from the accident and fled the scene on foot.

Sgt. Rick Lewis said the damage to the home was significant.

The family car suffered significant damage in the unexpected and shocking accident. (Nine)
Scott Bugeja woke up to see a car in his living room, but the driver and a potential passenger had already taken off on foot. (Nine)

“The vehicle went through the front of the house through a brick fence,” said Sgt. Lewis.

“Good luck to the two people we think were in the car … they seem unhurt.”

He said the kids were normally in the front room, but luckily they weren’t last night.

“Very fortunate too, there are kids who usually sleep in the front room who weren’t there this time,” he said.

Police believe the excessive speed contributed to the crushing.

All witnesses or anyone with information on the identity or location of the driver are urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800333000 or file a confidential report of the crime at

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