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It’s January, so obviously cricket, the Australian Open, and wild weather dominate the headlines.

But, with tennis at least, those starters have a 2021 twist on them.

As international tennis stars arrive, so do international cases of COVID-19.

Here’s what you need to know this afternoon:

The great stories of Australia

The Australian Open and related COVID-19 cases have dominated much of the day’s news cycle.

Two players are included in the last COVID-19 cases connected to the Australian Open, bringing the total of infections related to the event to seven.

Victoria today registered a total of four new cases, three of which are related to the fast-approaching tennis tournament.

Residents in southeast Queensland face a major cleanup after floodlights south of Brisbane received more than 200mm of rain in less than five hours.

Former tropical cyclone Kimi was degraded overnight and a weather warning that was in effect has been canceled, with the possibility of a reform being considered “low.”

What else is happening in the world?

ASX rises, the Australian dollar holds

  • The Australian stock market ended higher after a strong trading day, ending the day up 1.19 percent or 79.6 points to 6,742.6 points.
  • The main sectors that increased today include finance, IT, materials and health.
  • Utilities were the only sector to end in the red
  • Today’s biggest beneficiary was waste management company Bingo Industries, which earned a whopping 20.44 percent.
  • The stock that fell the most was the engineering company Worley, which only fell 2.77%.
  • The Australian dollar is buying 77 US cents, remaining flat since the beginning of the week.
  • The cryptocurrency Bitcoin holds a strong $ 47,180, continuing what has been a stable week.
January 19

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Most read story of the day

Sometimes people just want to read about a muscle car. Today was that day, with this story about an HSV Maloo auction proving to be extremely popular.


The most talked about social media post

Aside from the Australian Open, today is all about cricket.

The final test between Australia and India is still underway at the time of publication.

But it doesn’t look good for the Australians, who need to catch a lot of ground in the final session to win the match and the series.

And if you’re looking for something to distract yourself from the news, see if you can beat the crossword here.

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