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Residents in northwest Western Australia are bracing for heavy rain and destructive winds as the state’s first cyclone of the season approaches.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) predicts that a tropical low, which currently runs parallel to the Kimberley coast, will intensify into a cyclone late at night or early Friday before heading towards the east coast of the Pilbara.

“There is more uncertainty than normal around this system, but we forecast that it will move south starting Friday and it has the potential to intensify as it approaches the eastern Pilbara coast later in the week,” he said BOM Senior Meteorologist James Ashley.

The tropical bass track towards the WA coast could turn into a cyclone over the weekend. (Okay)

A tropical cyclone watch was issued for coastal communities between Bidyadanga, which is south of Broome, and Roebourne and Port Hedland.

Heavy rains combined with strong winds are likely to occur along the western coast of Kimberley later today, before spreading to the Pilbara coastal areas east of Port Hedland tomorrow.

Communities have been urged to prepare for hurricane-force winds between Whim Creek and Bidyadanga in the afternoon tomorrow with gusts of 140 kilometers per hour on Saturday morning as the system approaches shore.

The cyclone, to be named Lucas, will be the first to hit the WA continent this season.

In Queensland, a monsoon trough is generating tropical rain and storms, most intense in far north Queensland and in the Kimberley near lows.

The eastern states are mostly warm and sunny today, as New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia brace for a heat wave over the Australia Day long weekend.

Here’s your state-by-state weather forecast for Thursday, January 21, 2021:

Mostly sunny, warm in the east. Mostly sunny, hot in the southwest. Late shower, hot in the northwest.

Sydney will be mostly sunny with a low of 15 ° C and a high of 27 ° C.

Surf and wave conditions are expected to be dangerous for coastal activities such as rock fishing, boating and swimming across much of the North Shore with advisories for the Byron Coast, the Coffs Coast, the Macquarie Coast, the Hunter Coast, the Sydney Coast, the Illawarra Coast, the Batemans Coast and the Eden Coast.

Canberra will be mostly sunny with light winds and temperatures that will range between 9 ° C and 31 ° C.

synoptic map

Mostly sunny, warm in the southwest. Then sunny, warm fog in the southeast. Mostly sunny, very warm to hot in the north.

Melbourne will be mostly sunny with a minimum of 13C and a maximum of 31C.

Clear, temperate to warm showers in the southeast. Showers / storms, very hot in the northeast. Mostly sunny, very warm in the northwest. Late shower, very warm in the southwest.

Brisbane for Thursday Partly cloudy. Average chance of showers this morning. Light winds turn from SE 15 to 20 km / h in the morning and then tend to E at 15 to 25 km / h at noon.

Mostly sunny, very warm to hot in the southeast and center. Mostly sunny, very warm to hot in the west and north.

Adelaide will be sunny today and temperatures are expected to rise to 35 ° C.

Warm to very hot and very dry conditions with a relative humidity of less than 10 percent and high winds are creating a dangerous fire climate across the state.

A severe fire hazard warning has been issued for the west coast, the eastern Eyre Peninsula, the Mid North, the Mount Lofty Ranges, the Yorke Peninsula, and the Lower Southeast.

Sunny, hot in the southwest and south. Mostly sunny, hot in the northwest. Rain / storms, warm in the northeast.

Perth will be sunny with a low of 20 ° C and a high of 34 ° C. Temperatures will be very hot in the eastern suburbs.

Communities along the north shore, including Mardie, Pannawonica and Exmouth, are forecast to experience high winds and potential thunderstorms today due to the strengthening of the tropical low approaching the eastern Pilbara coast.

Today there is a strong wind warning for the Bunbury Geographer’s coastline.

Mostly cloudy, warm in the southwest. Mostly sunny, very warm in the southeast. Mostly cloudy, temperate to warm in the north.

Hobart will be partly cloudy with daytime highs between 18C and 25C.

Clean shower, very hot in the NW Top End. Showers / storms, very hot in Arnhem. Late shower, very warm inside. Mostly sunny, very warm to hot in the south.

Darwin will be partly cloudy with a medium chance of showers, most likely starting this morning. The probability of a thunderstorm and a minimum of 25 ° C and a maximum of 33 ° C.

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