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Millions of people in the southeast of the country are preparing for an extreme heat wave with scorching temperatures forecast through Australia Day.

The heat wave is set to intensify today and much of New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and South Australia are expected to experience temperatures in excess of 40 ° C.

Adelaide and Canberra seem like the hottest cities with a high of 37 ° C.

The heat map shows the high temperatures that will be set to sweep across southeastern Australia. (Okay)

Sydney will be a bit cooler but still hot with a peak temperature of 29 ° C and Melbourne will hit 27 ° C later this afternoon.

Perth is also expecting a warm day with a peak temperature of 28 ° C with a severe fire hazard warning for parts of WA.

Meanwhile, communities in northern parts of the state are cleaning up after a tropical low that dumped heavy rains across the Kimberly and the Pilbara overnight.

Just after midnight, the system, which was initially expected to turn into a cyclone, moved inland from the Eighty Mile Beach area near Telfer.

While the decline is weak, it is producing areas of heavy rainfall to the southeast of the system. The low is expected to move southeast over the inner districts over the weekend.

Heavy rains are possible which can lead to flash floods with a total daily rainfall of 50-100mm with isolated drops of up to 200mm. The heaviest rain will be well southeast of the low.

Heavy rains are expected to spread further southeast toward the border on Sunday.

Thunderstorms and gusty winds are also possible in the warning area.

Flood advisories and advisories are up to date. Locations that may be affected include Carnegie.

Here’s your state-by-state weather forecast for Saturday, January 23, 2021:

Sunny, warm in the northeast. Mostly sunny, warm in the southeast. Windy in the Alps. Sunny, hot in the west.

Sydney will be sunny with a minimum of 21C and a maximum of 29C. Light winds turn from the E / NE at 15 to 25 km / h in the early afternoon and then turn light at the end of the night.

Further west, Penrith leans to reach 37 ° C today, as do Parramatta and areas of the lower Blue Mountains.

Scorching temperatures are forecast for the ACT with sunny conditions and a high of 37 ° C today.

The Midwest slopes and plains will be sunny with daytime highs exceeding 40 ° C in places like West Wyala and Forbes.

Temperatures will also rise along the Riverina and Hillston will reach 42 ° C.

synoptic map

Fog then mostly sunny, warm in the south. Sunny, hot in the north

Morning clouds clearing up to a sunny day with a minimum of 15C and a maximum of 27C.

Inland temperatures are forecast to rise to 30 degrees and Maryborough, Redesdale and Seymore are expected to hit 37 ° C.

Mostly sunny, warm to very warm in the southeast. Isolated, very warm showers in the northeast. Late rain, very hot in the northwest. Mostly sunny, hot in the southwest.

Birsbane will be mostly sunny. Slight possibility of a shower with a minimum of 20C and a maximum of 30C.

Birdsville, which was the hottest place in Queensland in 2020, will hit 44 ° C today.

Sunny, very warm in the southeast and center. Mostly sunny, hot in the west and north.

Adelaide will be very hot and sunny today with a maximum temperature of 37 ° C.

Temperatures could be even higher with tomorrow’s forecast to hit 41 ° C in the city before dropping to the mid-30s on Monday and Tuesday.

The heat is raising the state’s fire danger with a severe warning for Mount Lofty Ranges today.

Western Australia is a mix of extreme conditions today, as the tropical low that made landfall last night continues over the state.

Meanwhile, there is a severe fire hazard warning for Goldfields, Eucla and Ninghan due to high temperatures, dry conditions, and gusty winds.

Mostly sunny, temperate to warm in the southwest. Late shower, very warm in the south. Rains / storms, warm or very warm in the north. Windy with rain in East Pilbara and West Kimberley.

Perth will be mostly sunny with a low of 20 ° C and a high of 28 ° C.

Rains / storms, warm in the north. Mostly cloudy, very warm inside. Late thunder, very hot to hot in the south.

Darwin will be cloudy. Very high probability of minimum rainfall of 24 ° C and maximum of 31 ° C. Likely thunderstorm.

Downpour, warm in the southwest. Mostly sunny, very warm in the southeast. Mostly sunny, temperate to warm in the north.

Hobart will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of a shower in the far south later tonight. Almost zero chance of rain elsewhere. Maximum daytime temperatures of 20 ° C to 26 ° C.

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