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Shark attack investigated at popular tourist spot in WA

Brett Highlands was attacked by a shark off Quandong Beach near Broome last month. Picture: 7 News/Twitter
Brett Highlands was attacked by a shark off Quandong Beach near Broome last month. Picture: 7 News/Twitter

A possible shark attack is being investigated at a popular tourist spot in Western Australia’s north.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development says it is investigating an incident at Coral Bay in the Shire of Carnarvon.

“DPIRD received a report of a possible shark bite incident at 11.14am on Friday,” the department said in a statement.

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“DPIRD is working with local authorities and further information will be provided as it becomes available.”

Surf Life Saving WA said a two-metre whaler shark had been spotted 75m offshore at Five Finger Reef.

People have been warned to take additional caution in the Coral Bay area.

“Adhere to beach closures advised by local government rangers, Parks and Wildlife Service officers or Surf Life Saving WA,” the department said.

The most recent shark attack in Western Australia happened near Broome, also in the state’s north, last month.

The incident happened at Coral Bay.
The incident happened at Coral Bay.

Brett Highlands, 48, was attacked off Quandong Beach by a suspected three-metre tiger shark.

He suffered bites to his forearm and hand.

“It was the chomping effect that I really felt,” he told 7 News.

“Like a dog trying to get a grip of a bone. Just a wild animal attached to my arm.”

Mark Sanguinetti, 59, was surfing when he was killed by a 4.5m white shark at Tuncurry Beach, near Forster on the NSW mid-north coast, last month.

He saw the shark and tried to warn others before the animal turned on him, biting him on the upper right thigh.

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