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Two more Brisbane high schools have been added to a rapidly growing list COVID-19 exhibition sites this morning as residents of southeast Queensland wake up for their first full day of lockdown.

Brisbane Boys Grammar School and Brisbane Girls Grammar School have been closed and the staff, students and parents who attended between Wednesday and Friday were isolated.

A Brisbane Boys Grammar student tested positive, the school confirmed, while an infectious parent attended an open day at the girls’ high school on Friday.

Indooroopilly State High School in Brisbane, where three infectious COVID-19 cases attended over three days last week. (Supplied)

Queensland Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles announced the three-day lockdown at a press conference yesterday after six new cases of COVID-19 were discovered in the region.

Residents now eagerly await news of new cases today, as the list of close-contact exposure sites grows.

All of the new infections center on a 17-year-old Indooroopilly State High School student.

The normally bustling streets were deserted in Brisbane this morning as the city began its first full day of three-day COVID-19 snap shutdown. (9News)

There are currently seven infections in the group linked to the high school student, and yesterday’s cases included the student’s parents, her siblings, a teacher and a medical student who tutored her.

It is understood that the medical student also attended various hospitals while infected, forcing staff to isolate themselves.

A long list of exhibition sites published by Queensland health authorities includes bus routes to and from the University of Queensland and Princess Alexandra Hospital, a shopping mall in Indooroopilly and block F at Southbank TAFE on Wednesday.

Indooroopilly State High School has confirmed that three confirmed cases of COVID-19 attended the school last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

All students and staff are considered close contacts and must be quarantined at home for 14 days.

Also on the list of COVID-19 exposure sites is the nearby school, St Peters Lutheran College.

The cases have been linked to two travelers who returned from hotel quarantine through the sequencing of the virus genome, but health authorities have not been able to establish any direct contact between them and the new group.

Queensland has had numerous cases of COVID-19 in the community in recent weeks, with the virus leaking from interstate, hotel quarantine and airport personnel, infectious disease expert Dr. Paul Griffin, warning that this outbreak is markedly different.

“There are many worrying elements about this, including where these people have been, how many exposure sites there are, how many people are already infected as a result,” he said.

“So I think we need a full and rapid range of mitigation strategies, which is what we have seen.”

Queensland LGA closed as of July 31
All 11 local government areas of southeast Queensland under lockdown at 4pm yesterday. (9News)

Eleven local government areas are subject to the new lockdown, which began at 4pm yesterday and is the strictest yet seen in Queensland.

The only reasons allowed for leaving home are: to buy essentials such as groceries and shopping, work if you cannot work from home, exercise within 10 kilometers of your home, and medical care, including vaccinations.

Only the children of essential workers can attend school.

Preparations for the Ekka are on hold for 24 hours as organizers seek more clarity on the current outbreak.

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