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Al Australian Olympic Committee have made his face red because of his athletes and it is that several of them, some entire teams, have dedicated themselves to generating problems and disturbances both in the Olympic village as on your flights home. Such a lack of civility that has caused them to receive a public reprimand from the authorities.

The case could be classified as a scandal because some of these problems that have been reported have been registered in the middle of the flight back home when part of the delegation was already back to Sydney after their participation in the Olympic Games. In addition to vandals, reckless, which has ended up causing chaos.

Australian sport, in general, is going through some very bad last hours since the complaints by the organizers of the Olympic event do not stop complaining and the sports institutions that now have to face up do not know very well or what to respond nor how to justify what their athletes have done.

Pedri in the Australia - Spain in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020

Pedri in the Australia – Spain in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020


Everything has been when the Olympic teams of rugby to 7 and football have been summoned to open an investigation against them for the problems they have caused on their return flights. In fact, the National Olympic Committee has been reprimanded for their misbehavior and has received a serious warning that there could be sanctions.

Your president, Matt Carroll, has already received several formal complaints about the behavior of his teams on the flight home: “Unacceptable behavior has caught our attention. It is unacceptable and we have to apologize. “So much so that those responsible for the two federations present on the flight have had to come out and show their faces, apologize and ensure that they will take action against those who have failed to maintain a civic and citizen behavior.

Ruins in the Villa

However, the problems created by the Australian delegation have not stopped there, in what happened on the plane and on the return trip, but in the Olympic Village they have been the protagonists of unfortunate events. Numerous flaws have been reported in the areas where they have been housed, some at the level of broken and leaky beds, something that no one has understood and that has generated a feeling of strange surprise and bewilderment at such childish behavior.

Tokyo 2020 Games Olympic Village Room

Tokyo 2020 Games Olympic Village Room


So far, it does not seem that the events that occurred in the Villa are going to bring penalties for the athletes, who have wanted to apologize as a group since some of them, not all, have dared to show their faces and are ashamed of what happened: “We have received the apologies of several of those involved in the incidents. They are upset for participating in these situations, because they are a team that has been wonderful on and off the field.” This is how he transmitted it Iam Chesterman, Senior Officer of the Australian Olympic Committee.

The Iam himself related these behaviors to the presence of very young boys in the delegation who have not known how to behave: They are young boys who have failed. It is unacceptable because there will be other individuals going to those rooms. They have made a mistake and they have to live with it. “

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