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The most dysfunctional family on television is back for the third season. See what some of the cast members have to say about what’s in store for the Emmy-winning show.

Kieran Culkin is reflecting on who among the cast of the hit television hit Succession is the least like his “shitty” characters.

“There’s a huge part of the real person in almost all of these characters,” laughs Culkin, who admits to enjoying a “fk you” as much as his on-screen alter-ego, heir to the media, Roman Roy.

“But Mateo [Macfadyen] and Tom are two very different people, like wildly different people, ”Culkin tells Insider in New York, where the cast has gathered to discuss the highly anticipated third season of the Emmy-winning show.

And I could say the same for Shiv and [Sarah] Snook too. But with Matthew and Tom it’s really like looking at two different people. I don’t know how Matthew finds Tom there, ”Culkin laughs,“ because he is not present within him. He comes off set and all of a sudden you think, ‘Who is that person?’ Even his posture changes. “

“I hope I’m different from Tom,” laughs Macfadyen, the British actor who plays the unfortunate bully Tom Wambsgans, husband of Logan Roy’s only daughter, Shiv (Australian actress Sarah Snook).

“I always say this: it’s great therapy to play someone so ridiculous,” Macfadyen says quietly.

“It’s great to be as unbearable as Tom can be, or as weirdly aggressive, intimidating and flattering, so that I can get all that stuff out of my system. Perhaps the further your character is from you, the more agreeable it is. “

The third season of Succession is about the aftermath of Kendall’s (Jeremy Strong) decision to launch a full-scale mutiny against his father, Logan (Brian Cox), for control of the family’s media empire, Waystar Royco.

Culkin’s Roman is firmly in his father’s corner (as he slyly watches the role of CEO when Logan finally steps aside or ends up in jail) and the sycophantic Tom hopes to finally win the approval of his billionaire father-in-law by offering take legal charge. fall and go to jail for him. (Tom’s biggest concern: the prison wine. “They make it with ketchup and fruit in a bag,” he tells his wife Shiv with abject horror).

The show has been an impressive success for HBO and is considered something of a cultural touchstone for its scathing comments about wealth, power, and the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots.

But at the core of the show, fans just can’t get enough of the old family dramas within the obscenely rich and dysfunctional Roy clan.

“Dysfunctional … What is a functional family?” yells Culkin. “I don’t understand what this is: a dysfunctional family. Just say family! Yes, they are crazy, you are crazy, I am crazy, we are all crazy. Go ahead.”

Culkin says that in three seasons he has not tired of playing sarcastic but fundamentally damaged Roman.

“I remember reading the script for the pilot and literally his first line is ‘Hey, hey mother ……’ and I thought it looked funny,” smiles Culkin, who was originally cast in the role of cousin Greg. (Instead, he sent a tape of himself reading Roman’s lines to the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, and he was cast right away.)

“I like being able to remove the filter,” explains Culkin. “I made a choice at the beginning when we were doing the pilot, which was that this guy has probably never experienced having to suffer any kind of consequence for his actions, ever. There is always a solution, there is always some way to save it, so there is no danger in saying anything. And that’s really, really fun. “

The entire cast agrees that getting to inhabit a world of New York’s private jets, helicopters, yachts, mansions, and skyscrapers is a lot of fun, too.

“We shot in very glamorous locations, which is nice,” says Macfadyen.

“I love being an actor because at its most basic level, it’s just fantasy, and certainly with this show, we shot in these big downtown skyscrapers and we pretend they are our offices or these superyachts or you know, we were in Tuscany at the end of last season, so it’s a lot of fun. It won’t always be this way. My next job won’t be that glamorous. I’ll be in a shed somewhere. “

The third season of Succession premieres on Foxtel on October 18.

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