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Patti Newton has revealed what caused Bert’s death when she criticized suggestions that there was a ‘rift’ between her son and her late husband.

Patti Newton has revealed what caused her husband Bert’s death.

Bert Nerwton died Saturday at age 83 after having his leg amputated earlier this year.

“It was complications with everything,” he said. Austrian daily mailalia. “When you have a leg amputated you have to be taking a lot of painkillers and Bert had undergone, this year alone, eight procedures, all with anesthesia and that affects you a lot.”

“Your entire system and everything really shuts down. That was it, ”he said.

He also confirmed that Matthew Newton will not be attending his father’s state funeral, but has deleted media reports that suggest there was some kind of “breakup” before Bert’s death.

Talking to Daily mail Reporters Monday, the showbiz icon’s widow said Matthew would not be able to attend his father’s funeral due to the pandemic, adding that “the press is desperate to find a little problem in (their relationship).”

“It’s just the logistics of everything, and with Covid, and with everything else,” he explained about the situation of his 44-year-old son.

Confidential first reported by the 44-year-old Belly The actor, who has lived in New York since 2012, was “unlikely” to return to Australia for his father’s state funeral after Bert died on Saturday at age 83.

It was understood that Matthew’s relationship with his parents had been quite strained over the years in the wake of alleged allegations of domestic violence against him, and Patti assured the media today that the losing streak was behind her.

“I’ve had so many conversations with (Matthew). We had a conversation last night and the whole family was here. (The media) want to turn it into a rift, but there was no rift. There was never a breakup with Bert, ”he said.

“All that bullshit about Matthew’s devastating childhood, I mean I have two kids, Lauren and Matthew had the same childhood. They both had a wonderful childhood. “

She went on to explain, “The biggest dramas were when Matthew was in Sydney and he had his biggest dramas, but it really had nothing to do with us and as most parents say, ‘You can only be there for your kids. ‘. And we have always been present.

And Bert more than me actually. He always said ‘have we talked to Matthew, have we done enough, and have we said enough?’

She added, “I mean, maybe he needs to make a statement to keep everyone from thinking there is a gap or something.”

While Patti told reporters that Bert and Matthew spoke regularly via video calls before the entertainment icon died in hospice on Saturday, their relationship was not always easy.

Newton and his wife Patti spoke of their distress to A current issue in 2010 after two alleged incidents of domestic violence involving his then-fiancee Rachael Taylor at a hotel in Rome.

Matthew Newton allegedly “struck Taylor in the face before being sedated by ambulance officers.” Taylor suffered a concussion and issued an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against Newton.

Bert spoke of his pain after he picked up his son from the airport and took him to the Northside West Clinic in Wentworthville.

“We should have seen the signs … but we didn’t,” Newton said. HERE, admitting that her son’s life had turned into a “train wreck.”

“When it comes to his son, he says ‘well, of course we love and support him,'” Newton said. “I think I made a mistake saying that because I love and support him, but I do not support or approve of any of the things that have happened.”

Matthew Newton, who had impressed critics with roles in Looking for alibi and Belly, four years earlier he had faced court on charges of assaulting his former girlfriend, Neighbors star Brooke Satchwell. He pleaded guilty to a common battery charge and received a 12-month good conduct bond, but his conviction was later overturned on mental health grounds.

Bert Newton confirmed that his son had long abused drugs and alcohol, although he said they were not the root of his problems.

“Its biggest problem is the fact that it is not a drug, it is not so much an alcohol problem as a mental health problem,” said Patti.

“He’s always had a little problem with his temper, even as a kid, but I think he’s on the run. We don’t know how to handle it. “

“There was a bomb about to go off somewhere, at some point,” Patti said.

Matthew Newton’s problems did not end after his separation from Taylor.

In 2011, he was charged with violating the terms of the AVO that Taylor had contracted. Then, in December, he was charged with assaulting a 66-year-old taxi driver twice in the Sydney suburb of Crows Nest, but was unable to attend court because he was not allowed to leave the United States because he also faced charges there.

Those charges relate to two incidents in Miami, Florida.

He was charged with breaking and entering and resisting officers, as well as assault after he attacked a hotel receptionist.

In November 2012, both matters were dismissed, on the condition that Newton complete 50 hours of community service, write a letter of apology to the hotel receptionist, Ariel Bory Vargas, pay $ 11,500 restitution to Vargas, and stay away from him. and Moe’s. the bar where he was charged with burglary.

Newton stayed in the United States and settled in New York, where he met Catherine Schneiderman, 28, the daughter of former New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman.

The couple were secretly married three years ago, but none of the Newtons were reportedly at the wedding.

Newton managed to stay out of the headlines for years until 2018, when he was forced to resign as director of the Jessica Chastain film. Ava, which she also wrote, when she was criticized for being an advocate for the Time’s Up movement while appointing a director with a history of domestic violence crimes.

Matthew Newton said in a statement that he understood the reaction and was trying to be a better man.

“Over the past eight years I have worked a lot with health professionals to help me overcome my addiction and my mental health illness,” he said. “I have lived a calm and sober life. All I can do now is try to be a living amendment and hopefully contribute to the positive change that is taking place in our industry. “

Despite working on his mental health and addiction issues, Newton allegedly refused to travel to Australia to see his sick father despite being urged to be his wife, Catherine.

“She understands that there is bad blood between them and Matthew is deeply traumatized by the way they lived such public lives while he struggled with his mental health,” said a source. New Idea at the beginning of this year. “But Cat can’t bear to see Matthew’s family miss him at such an important and heartbreaking time. His greatest fear is that Matthew will not bury the ax with Bert and live the rest of his life with unresolved grievances. “

It is unknown if the Newtons were on better terms with Matthew at the time of Bert’s death.

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