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Cuba calls for a virtual meeting on the US blockade and climate change – World News in Spanish

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) convened this Friday the virtual meeting “The challenge of saving life: climate change and the US blockade” to be held on January 17.


Díaz-Canel values ​​the imprint of an American activist in his defense of Cuba

“We have high expectations with the event, in which national and international specialists will explain how this unilateral measure undermines Cuba’s efforts in the fight for the preservation of the environment,” said Elba Pérez, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA). ) and panel member of the meeting.

Despite being responsible for only 0.08 percent of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, this Caribbean country is highly affected by climate change, which could leave much of the national territory below sea level at end of century.

Due to its geographical position, the Island also regularly faces extreme weather events such as hurricanes, droughts, torrential rains and floods, the impact of which affects ecosystems and national food production.

To counteract this situation, the Revolutionary government develops “Tarea Vida”, a pro-environmental government program in which scientists and social researchers work together with communities and authorities.

Highly praised by the international scientific community, the initiative includes actions such as adapting agricultural activities to changes in land use and not allowing the construction of buildings in coastal settlements.

“Although Task Life is a long-term and sustainable project, we cannot deny that coercive economic measures prevent it from expanding and adapting to new needs. Hence the importance of fighting against these types of policies,” said Pérez.



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